Saturday, 28 May 2005

This is What I Came to Do

Ring the bell so it's time to eat
Brick Dog stash weed inta AMI-seats
Bomb inside the palm
Doc rock a wifebeater with me beatin my wife ass iron dawn
The front of my apartment built like the Klumps
To carry it I take the spear out the trunk
I stay hungry, I ain't worked for days
That's why you see the pump when the curtains raise
Blast! Don't panic
Do I gotta explain how I tame and lock the rapgame single-handed?
Hell nah! I won't tell you son
If I find a wack idea I sell you one
Doc and Hot Nick, Inspectah
My lecture's like Hannibal Lecktor
Where's the ketchup?
Don't speak on it, shut ya trap
I see ya whole crew yellow like mustardpacks
Ah woo, Doc in my own zone
You say you got the rapgames on, but it's all wrong
I ride through ya hood in a Mr. Softy truck
Then pull a mack out a box of snowcones
Yeah, ya little fucks
Gimme ya fucking money!

UPDATE FOR RED: A little Oklahoma based story I found for you...


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