Monday, 30 May 2005

Top Referrer

Every now and then I check where people come from when they come here. I use Site Meter for all my referral stats and it makes for some interesting, surprising and frankly disturbing reading .

And it's all because of this post. That's right, what pulls in all the hits is incest. People who search for inbred people, how to have sex with your sister, and sex with your mum sister arrive at my site as Blurred Clarity comes high in the hit list. What can I say but WOW and what are you sick fucks hoping to find?

Speaking of sick fucks, I was searching for internet p0rn last night and I stumbled upon some superbad fetishes that I can assure you don't arose me but I just find them intriguing...*cough*
  • Tickling (Tickle me till I cum? I kid you not)
  • Smoking (What is so sexy about naked girls smoking? Hang on...)
  • Pony Play (Women pretending to be horses...again, I kid you not)
  • Pedal Pumping (Perhaps the funniest, women trying to start cars)
  • Cast (That's right, ladies with damaged limbs hanging out)

Whatever happened to interracial, watersports and dwarves?


  1. Man, I'm tellin' ya...

    will be a winner! Are you in or out?


  2. I'm in too deep...all the way to my damn elbows.


  3. I wonder where you can get thost arm length plastic gloves from?

  4. Well, I used to know a Veterinary student who interned on a cattle farm. One of his jobs was inseminating the cows...

    I think you know where this is going.


  5. I'm taking that as a compliment.

    Cripple p0rn is the way forward and their is already wheelchair p0rn.


  6. Wheelchair pr0n? I suppose that the so-called "interracial" wheelchair pr0n would be an electric wheelchair giving it to a manual powered wheelchair?

  7. The biology of survival demands that the procreative act occur under the direst of conditions.

    And what the hell, there's wheelchair basketball...

  8. Covering my ears and screaming, "Lalalalalalala"

    Normal p0rn discussion I can deal with. Wheelchair, etc. is just sick.

  9. Smoking, disabled, asian, underage, tattooed, wheelchair-bound incestuous Nazi transvestite p0rn!

    With Sideburns!


  10. Should I post the Goth with Sideburns again?

  11. Mr Gill ya never change reading these made me smile, loooking forward to seeing you soon mate, keep up the good work. loving you Freak Witch!!!! stu getting all bunny boiler again, funny! xxxxx


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