Saturday, 14 May 2005

Yvonne Arnaud

That's where I've been the last few days and will be today. It's not a woman (well it is but I can't 'be away' in a woman can I? Well I suppose...*ahem* Shall we move on?) but a jolly good theatre in Guildford where Mark and I are doing 'Thick As Thieves'. Last night went really well, nearly full and an audience that appreciated the show, apart from perhaps one miserable shit on the front row who I wanted to punch. There's always one.

Time is limited I'm afraid and bloggage may be light as not only is there 'Thick As Thieves' to do but 9am to 9pm rehearsals for my showcase in June and a world of other things to sort out so please bear with me and I will be back. Hopefully with a full and robust post tomorrow!

So until then I'd like to leave you with perfect sideburns and a picture of an fat Goth...


  1. I think the fat goth would look better with the perfect sideburns.


  2. HA HA!

    Fantastic bit of work there my good man!

  3. Of course you can 'be away' in a woman. You can completely disappear! But that depends on how big... oh we're moving on? Sorry, didn't see that...

  4. We can't have this poor woman go without benefit of digital plastic surgery, although she looks kind of sexy with those sideburns. In a self-loathing, disgusting kind of way.

    The Col. Dr. recommends electrolysis, a nose job and a chin tuck. Plus a few months of anorexia.

  5. MS Paint can do the human face wonders.

  6. With this paintshop you're really spoiling us...


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