Friday, 3 June 2005

And To Marie

This is going to have to be quick people as in 45 minutes I need to be out of the house, on the Tube and to rehearsals before getting on a damn train at 19.55 and going to Nottingham to hang out with Marie for the weekend and get my hair cut soldier short again.

Our final festival of work at drama school starts next week, so it's a tense time. Fade To Black is first (7th-11th June) then the week after is Human Shrapnel (14th-18th June). The website is here so go visit and if you live in the UK why not come and see me, as it is free.

I'll fill you in more at a later date, have a good weekend.

Peace Out.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend performing and being with Marie. Hope she's feeling better. And if I were there, I would definitely come see you perform.


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