Saturday, 25 June 2005

Back in the Day Part 2

All this nostalgia, swear to God, I'm drowning in it.

It was no doubt set off by the fact that yesterday I finished drama school. We went for some drinks, (I'll never be able to walk past that pub again and not think of what it now means: a fullstop. And as it's right in the middle of's going to happen a lot) I got rather merry but nothing too heavy. Nearly had a fight with a drunk dude, some great dialogue:

Drunk: Are you an intelligent man?
Me: Yes I am.
Drunk: You're from Australia aren't you?
Me: No.
Drunk: I'm not an intelligent man
Weird feelings, people who I like I know I'll stay in contact with (although I know some of them will slip through the net, that's life right?) but there are others who I've just spent a year with and I know our paths will never cross again. It's over.

I suppose the apprehension and reflection is high because I'm now out there, an actor in London, slugging it out with all the others; pissing in the wind. It's going to be tough, I'm going to be fucking poor but at least I'm doing what I want to do, at least I'm giving acting a proper crack rather than flinching from all the rejection. And I'll be doing it with Marie by my side and with her by my side I can never lose.


When ever I look back I can't help but go along way back, for some reason I've been haunted recently by some dark times in my teenage years, friends I lost, people whose lives took a turn for the worse, some dead, some inside. I could be one of them, burnt out, broken. I carry these people with me, helps to appreciate where I am right now and to honour those who can't go on this journey with me.

I was on the frontline before I used a Bic razor. I was a raver, cocky little bleeder, now I feel blue like Sonic on Sega.

Peace and respect.


  1. Congrats on graduating! Now what will your next move be?

  2. Acting. Got some shows next week then in negotiations with agents then try and make it.

    COME ON!

  3. And you had better make it man ! If anyone on the course has the talent..enough of this, you will get a big head...

    Believe in yourself, I know you already do... stay in touch blogger!


  4. thanks for visiting my blog and commenting about the psycho white trash melanie. you must be the daniel she rants about from time to time as well. apparently i have surpassed you in the amount of hate she has for another person online (sorry to break your mark).

    maybe its because im jewish..

  5. Well she is a racist so who knows, maybe she's anti-semetic as well, some of the other blogs she visits certainly are.

    To see her rip into me check this post and it's comments:

  6. Just do it, you are exactly there. I'm honoured to know you via the blogs.

  7. Means a lot mn, with you being so cool and all.


  8. Break a leg. Anyone who can excoriate Red at Inside Red's Head without leaving scorch marks -- and lovingly so -- is destined for a Richard Burton destiny. Without the scorch marks, I mean.

  9. Break a leg, Daniel. No matter what happens in the future, at least you won't be saddled with "If I had only..."

    And who knows? Maybe someday, when you're SIR Daniel, I'll tell my kids, "Well, I kinda sorta knew him, in a way, back in the day..."


  10. Cool, glad to hear your doing what you love to do!

    take care man.

  11. If you ever need a dramaturg! you will find me packing beans in the local Asda... (joke..i hope)

  12. Way to Go Daniel, you're going to be featuring on my next post:-) Incidentally, how about a shot at Eastenders?;-))


  13. Well done mate,I hope for big things for you,"This time next year we will be millionaires!"


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