Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Blog = Crack

I'm grabbing some time at Marie's PC while she's out and blogging a little as I'm addicted to the sensation of posting spiel.

The train journey to Notts on Sunday was hellish, I spent most of it sat on the floor in the vestibule of the train watching a young couple play Top Trumps: Star Wars but it was worth it to catch up with the beautiful Marie when I arrived in my home town.

Today we were in South Tyneside, an area of the UK around Newcastle, Sunderland and South Shields perfroming Thick as Thieves to 30 young offenders in a grimey community centre. The show went down like a rotting dogs arse offered to you as a starter before a main course of human flesh. The "workshop" afterwards (I've put it in quotation marks as it was a half arsed excuse for a workshop) was thankfully reduced to a 20 minute chat with the young people who frankly couldn't be arsed to chat back.

At times like these you feel like screaming and shouting about how their life is in their hands and how they can be whatever they want but instead they'll end up filling in the form that's been perscribed them as working class people living in poverty in modern Britain.

But you don't scream, you just finish the "workshop" and pack the van and go home.

Tomorrow is the last show ever of Thick as Thieves, in Mark's house in Netherfield, where it all began in 2002. It's bascially a massive party and will be a great craic. I'll try and keep you posted on that.

Peace and I'm out!


  1. saw your comments on pc's site and thought i'd cruise by. The play looks like it would be great, hopefully you'll revive it sometime!

  2. I know exactly how you feel about those 'workshops.' When I was working with an Improv troupe I had to do them too, with kids who couldn't be bothered. The only thing that ever worked was something I did out of sarcastic desparation. I told them that we were going to do a group exercise. The object of the exercise was to slouch in your chair and stare at the floor as sullenly as you can without saying a word. Then I walked around the room encouraging them and rooting for them. It was so silly that most of them stopped, and I was able to actually talk to them for a while.

    Of course, shortly after that, I left the ensemble that was doing the classroom stuff, so I don't know if it ever worked again.


  3. What makes a good workshop? Besides eye contact, that is.

  4. BP: that is such a fantastic idea, can't believe I've been at this teaching game for years and never thought of that! It's in my bag of tricks now.

    Jessica: People who want to be there first and foremost and then a workshop leader with a big bag of tricks and ideas and plenty of patience and respect for those he/she is working with.

  5. Dan

    I wish you well for the last performance although it's probably already done by now. Hey glad you liked the play. Missing you down here in Derby. It's a bit sad that thick as thieves is over.


  6. Hope it went well Dan and you had a blast...

  7. Dan, saw you mention weird websites in an earlier post and thought you'd be interested in this one:

    She's apparently a hooker, though she admits it discreetly. She seems intelligent and the posts are nicely written.

    Have a great VC!

  8. YOUR blog may be smoking crack, but MY blog kicks ass!! So put THAT in YOUR pipe and smoke it!

  9. Crack was invented by the CIA.

    Internet was developed (technologically) by the NSA.

    You figure out the rest :)


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