Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Distracted and Wanton

I hate memes.

A terrible device to compartmentalise your life in reader friendly word-bites so you can spread like a cancer through the blogsphere; spreading your verbose goop to increase site-traffic.

I did it because my head is full of ghosts but instead of writing about that I filled in some arbitary questions in the vain hope this could re-connect me to a time long gone and a bunch of people who I deserted because they were costing me my life. No more.

A looped piano riff, hot Summer air, whatever happened to the good old days? Out on the street, drinking white cider, cupping some pills in my left hand, feeling alive and burning with an anger I never thought would die.

I feel you there but I can't see you, side by side, the world was ours to burn, there was blood in our mouths and a lot of trouble in the air. We laughed a lot to stop feeling so damn unhappy at the hand we were dealing ourselves, we ruined a lot of lives and made a lot more: gash with perms dripping like ice lollies in lycra skirts with friendship bands.

Some bad trips, some Michael Jackson bad trips and a lot of Ice-T and Ice-Cube.

See you on the other side brother.


  1. Too bad about memes cuz you're gonna get one from me in a week or so...


  2. Just popped in to see what was new. Its early yet so I can't think of too much to say till AFTER I indulge myself with some caffeine, lol.

  3. It is almost as if the more you proclaim your hatred for memes the more people want to see how you react when sent one.

    Funny how that works. :)

  4. Thanks. It's a pleasure to find a bit of good writing out there/here/blogworld. Memes be damned.

  5. Memes are McDonaldised points of interpersonal integration, and should be as accepted as the bullet form, the express checkout, Cliff's Notes, and fast food.

    And after they kill off society we can rebuild one using big monkeys as slaves.

  6. Don't tell me your yearnin' for the pills and booze again bro?

    Just think bout all the dead puppies in the world ...and all the poverty and hunger..and ask yourself this..why can't we use the dead puppies to feed everyone ? hey...we have a cause to get passionate about!! lol


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