Friday, 17 June 2005

He Thanked Me

Big thank you to all my trusty readers who've posted cool comments of support in my moment of theatrical crisis last night. You'll be glad to know I feel a hell of a lot better today.

Both shows today went very well, excellent audience responses and a real sense of dialogue between us; of communication. I softened my approach slightly to let them in to the piece more and this worked with a director who came to see it complimenting me on just that. Had some great feedback from other such important people on the quality of the writing and the acting and someone told me they thought it was the best show at the festival.

How things change in 24 hours.

It seems I also mis-read the audience as I received an email of a man who came to see it last night who was a veteran of Gulf War 1, he thanked me for being brave and taking on that subject matter and ended his letter with the phrase: you were right.

I swear to God I wept like a baby.


  1. dan, you were always destined for performance greatness (i mean acting!) ever since your 'mr banks' utterly overshadowed my 'bert' in the junior school production of 'mary poppins' it has been evident that you possess a natural talent (again i mean acting!)
    you also never shut up about your massive cock.

    hopefully i'll be coming to see human shrapnel on saturday (tomorrow, even) i'll bring my hanky (nooo!)

  2. Love the blog, adding it to my blogroll. I will definitely be back. :-)

  3. I surfed in because I heard you were an artist. Found it very interesting and will be back often.

    hey I know what you mean, being an artist is Hard work.

  4. Nice one mate...Glad your sprits are up again!

  5. Danny Boy: A reply to your comment 19th inst on my site, is now ready for your perusal, please feel free to comment again.
    I Forgot to inform you, joined RN 7-1-42 Over3 years active service at sea during WW2, Exodus thingy 47-48, Korean war 2years, Suez thingy 1956 among other things.


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