Monday, 20 June 2005

Luke Kernaghan

Menu as promised:
  • Roast scallops salad, caramelised cauliflower beignet, cauliflower pannacotta, aged Balsamic vinaigrette
  • Caramelised endive tart tatin, pan fired foie gras, hazelnut croustillant
  • Pan fried turbot, potato herb gnocchi, fricassee of peas, walnut and sherry vinegar
  • Herb crusted canon of lamb, cannelloni of sweetbreads and morels, spring bean salad, jus gras
  • Hot chocolate fondant, Amaretto parfait, vanilla and pearl barley sorbet

I'm also boosting some lovely new links (it's been a while) for you to explore including the lovely Sally (The Lost Girl), an Eccentric World for you and some United We Lay. Enjoy.


  1. hi from canada
    your blog is very interesting.

  2. Thanks dude! I'm planning on moving to Canada when I retire.

  3. polygrpah ? i dont understand your last message on my blog. What did you mean ?

  4. Sorry.

    It's a Robert Lepage play set in Quebec. One of my favourite plays of all time!

  5. Nice to see than you know somes things about the Québec. hehe I'm happy

  6. Hey Dan

    Cheers for the mention... now I would love to mention your wicked blog but I am really crap at this stuff, amazing I managed to set my own one soon as I know how I will do it... will talk to you tomorrow...


  7. So what time shall I be round for dinner?


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