Friday, 10 June 2005

Some Erotica

Another three shows completed tonight of Fade To Black, tomorrow is our last night and Marie will be there to see the show for the first time and I always save my best for her.

The guy who wrote Shopping and Fucking came tonight, he seemed to like it, he's called Mark Ravenhill. The second show tonight was really good, the whole audience were in tears, utterly consumed by the story, playing out their own personal tales of loss as they viewed a fictional one. Acting in Fade to Black has been an excellent experience, an opportunity to fully flex my acting muscle that will be further explored during Human Shrapnel which begins next Tuesday. This is the big one people.

Getting a lot of sex spam recently, some bastard must be putting my name of some erectile tissue issue email list. Emails with phrases in like: "It's the way the sek's crumbles" and "15 minutes or less to feel the largeness going on"

Largeness going on? That's one of the grooviest phrases I've ever heard for having an engorged cock. Brilliant!


  1. I refuse to click any link that ends with 'dick.jpg'

  2. That piture at the bottom of a girl with a cock in her mouth?

  3. But you can't see the cock, dumbass! I wat REAL p0rn, not PG p0rn!

    And I added you as a celebrity in the tagboard, not going to change my post. Sorry.

  4. my, my Red.

    Pr0n is like charity. It begins at home, then spreads to the Internet.


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