Thursday, 23 June 2005

Sweaty Bastard

Ariel Sharon is a sweaty (Zionist war criminal) bastard and I too am a sweaty (non-Zionist petty criminal) bastard. For London is bathing in armpit fulls of sweat as it tosses and turns under the intense Summer sun and such is the profusion of sweat that the smallest movement leads to tracts of body juice rolling down my face, legs and arse crack.

But have no fear, this has not stopped my web escapades and discovering the alarming number of blogs that document having a baby. This one is just plain weird, one couple are all dressed in black and another look like they have serious learning difficulties.

This baby blog is more like it, very cool and the baby in question is very beautiful indeed and you also get to see the mother's boob.

I also found a lonely git and a brand spanking new blog where a dude abides.

Tomorrow is my last day at drama school, handing in yet another essay before going out on the beer to get utterly drunk and cry a lot with people I'll never see again. HURRAH!

Before that I'm off to pick up some bargains from the Designer Warehouse Sale so that I look bloody good indeed.



  1. the second couple on the blog of black clothed incubators actually look to be related.
    i sense extra fingers and superfluous tails...

  2. sorry if I've been absent for a while--busy period...have a great weekend!!

  3. Just love the word boob! very odd but so much better than babs, breasts or tits...


  4. Take your word for you are obviously a boob man.

    Not going out tonight, but will try and arrange another night within the next few weeks...will let you know...

  5. maybe post a picture of your chest on your blog.


  6. Could do... maybe more people would blog in...(think after a peek they would delete it forever though)

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