Tuesday, 7 June 2005

They Stumbled Out Crying

First night tonight of Fade To Black and it went very well, by the final show (we do three shows back to back at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm) I was in the "emotional fascism zone" and wept a lot as I cleared up pictures of my dead wife. It proved to be an intense trip for the audience as they stumbled out crying into the London night. Tickets are going fast but if you are based in the capital and want to come go here to book your free tickets. Be nice to see you.

Onto more pressing matters then, that's right you guessed it: blogs. Three pressing blog issues have come up for me, the first is where an earth has Antony Mouse gone? He either is having sex a lot with his new girlfriend or studying too hard for exams or perhaps thinks blogging is for losers. All I can say is post to let us know you're safe young man.

The blog world is full if right-wing, neo-conservative maniacs who believe in free trade and killing Arabs but That Dude From Philly is kinda lovable in an annoying way, even if his blog turns my stomach it's worth it to see the Balloon Pirate smash their imperialist bad math to bits.

The third and final blog is a lot more problematic and I'll tell you why. See, I like Red a lot, she's a fine lady and without each other we wouldn't be in the blog world at all, we both stumbled upon each other at the right time and blossomed together. Cool. Trouble is she links to Melanie who, God bless her, is a racist. Not in a bad way, like thinking all non-whites are sub-human or that the Jews run the world, but in a far more insidious and essential way, rather like how my dad's a big old bigot.

Now I've read other parts of Melanie's blog and I can see why Red linked it in the first place, it was good old, down home, funny, female based fun; the kinda stuff Red links to a lot. Fair play. Little did she know that she was linking to someone with those kinda views. In my heart of hearts I wish Red wouldn't link to her. Maybe that's wrong of me but that's how I feel and I needed to speak out. Love to you Red.

As I type this Melanie has just left a comment with some dictionary definitions of Afrocentrism and Black supremacy, which only go on to expose her whole messy belief system. It's so entrenched it saddens me.



  1. And yet, you live in London but act like you know about racial issues in the deep south. You think you know, but you have NO IDEA. And I left you a comment about Colorism which I explained in my post and which you said was something I said based on no facts. I gave you the facts Daniel. I'm sorry that you are so biased and ignorant that you cannot see someone else's view of this issue. I don't claim to understand how things work over there in London so for you to post stuff on my blog calling me a racist and you've never lived in the south, somewhere I've lived for 38 years is just ludacris to me. You are one of the people in this world who perpetuates racism because you're throwing "stones" when you have no idea what you're talking about.
    And then you make a whole post on your blog about it and how you like Red but you wish she wouldn't link to me because I am a racist.
    You're just as bad as what you claim me to be.

  2. For you to go on your blog and tell everyone in the blog world that I am a racist upsets me very much. I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion and I don't believe in badmouthing anyone. I answered your comments that you made. But I would never, ever go on my blog and tell the whole world to not link to you or not like you because of your opinions and I most certainly WOULD NOT tell the whole world that you were a racist just because that was MY OPINION of who you were. I don't believe in being ugly like that to other people. So basically you've already made everyone who reads your blog and Red's blog form a preconceived opinion about me without even knowing who I am. Just who YOU think I am. It "saddens" me that you think this is okay to do to someone.

  3. Melanie, Red pointed me in the deriction of your blog, where she points I follow. I read most of your blog, past posts and whatnot but when I got to the Rooney thing I was set aback. I let it past, even though it offended me deeply.

    But when I read the latest post I had a choice; never visit you again in disgust or leave a comment expressing my feelings. I choose the latter as that is what blogs are for.

    Now, what you talk about is not a Deep South phenomena, the language you use I've heard used by racists from all across the world.

    In ref to colourism I said that you were generalising so wildly that it was distressing.

    You aren't talking facts you're talking opinion which is great by me but don't expect me to agree and don't expect me not to voice my opinion in response to yours, it's not badmouthing but freedom of expression.

    I feel strongly about this, very strongly indeed. Do you think that if for a second this didn't matter to me, that this sort of lazy bigotry didn't cut through me, that I would post on this?

    This is no flippant bit of name calling Melanie and I hope you reflect on action I've taken and what would push someone to feel as strongly as I do about the words you use and the beliefs you have.

  4. Where I point, you follow? I'm not God, Daniel. I'm sorry if you don't like Melanie, but I think she's great. I just don't pay attention to the negative stuff and look at the other stuff. She's a mom like me trying to keep her kids in line while keeping her sanity. Raising kids is the hardest job there is and she, along with other moms on my list, make me laugh through the tough times. I hope this does not mean you'll stop reading my blog. I still love you, Daniel, even though you're a sex-crazed actor who flaunts the enormity of his cock that he calls Frank.

  5. I'll never stop reading you Red, apart from when I'm dead but until then I'm with you all the way I just wanted to speak out on the matter that's all.


  6. OMG!! I can't even believe you. You hope that I reflect on the action you've taken? Hello Daniel? I am not a child!

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. And I would fully expect you to give your opinion on what I have said. What bothers me is that you feel the need to go on your blog and make a specific post about me and call me a racist.

    And you're right, blogs are a freedom of expression. We are all free to express our opinions on our blogs. And I have visited a lot of people's blogs whose opinions I did not agree with (including yours). Even some blogs that so repulsed me that I couldn't even believe that there was actually someone out there in the world who would think like this. But Daniel, not only did I not go on their blog and make a post to them telling them what an idiot, racist, etc. that I thought they were, I would never, ever go on my blog and make a post specifically about another persons blog that was derogatory to them in ANY way no matter how strongly I felt about it. Who gives me the right to decide that I think someone is a racist or anything else and then go tell the world about it? I don't feel the "need" or the hatred to do this to someone no matter how strongly I feel about an issue. I don't feel the need to be ugly to other human beings because I don't like their opinions. Unless, of course they "attack me" like you have done. And then I will fight back.

    "Racist" is a very strong word that should not be taken lightly.
    Even if I thought you were a Communist Pig, I would not go on my blog and make a specific post about you and tell the whole world that you were a Communist. I have no right to judge you or tell the world that you are a communist just because this is what
    "I" think you are. Let people come to my blog (or your blog for that matter)and find out for themselves who I am (or you are) without you (or me) giving them a preconceived notion of what you (I)think I (you) am/are.

    Like I said before Daniel, in reference to the "colorism" issue, you said that I was basing my generalizations on NO FACTS. You are wrong. I based my facts on things that I see going on in front of me everyday. I base my "facts" on the conversations that I have had with many black people who have told me these things. And I base my "facts" on the definition of colorism that I gave you from the dictionary. If this form of discriminatory behavior did not exist among black people it certainly would not be in the dictionary.

    I have not traveled all over the world. I have never been out of the United States. I have preconceived notions about the way things are in other nations but since I have never been there I don't claim to know these things as facts.

    You have not said if you have ever been to the south. I have lived here my whole life. My opinions come not only from the way I was raised but also from the things that I see happening around me on a daily basis here in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is one of the most racially charged cities in the United States. Maybe even more so than Los Angeles, although we've never had riots. Every "issue" that comes up seems to turn into a racial issue. If you don't know me or even know about the things that go on where I live, how can you say that I make generalizations with no facts and that I am a bigot?

    It just really upsets me that someone would make a post on their blog specifically about me, calling me a racist when you really don't even know who I am as a person or the kind of life that I have led. The hate that you accuse me of is coming off of you so strongle right now that it's scary. You are being EXACTLY what you have accused me of being and you don't even see it.

    And Daniel, can you honestly say that you love all people no matter who they are or what the color of their skin is? If you're answer is yes, then you are a lier. If a black man came and murdered your entire family and you hated him more than life. Would that make you a racist? Certainly not. You don't start hating all black people because ONE black man killed your family. And yet, I'm not "allowed" to dislike a black person without being called a racist.

    Anyway, I'm done. It just saddens me that you feel the need to attach such a horrible and negative word to me before anyone has had a chance to see who I am. Especially when you don't even know me.

  7. Thanks for posting my info in your blog. I read melanie's blog. I made a comment. I'd be interested in your reaction


  8. Hey - good for you for opening up the vipers nest. I grew up in South Africa so am well aware of having to express your opinion (we are very lucky to live in a country where it is allowed).

    I am hoping to come and see your showcase at Central on Wednesday - do I need to book or anything or just turn up?? Time 7.30 no??

    PS: You should not be so scared of Gay Sex - it isn't frightened of you!

  9. Barnaby, I've replied to you on your blog, come next Wednesday, starts at 7.15pm and stick around after.

    I'm not really afriad of gay sex, I was suffering from meme distress.

  10. BP, as always, spot on.

    How funny, the 'author' denounces the piece as viciously racist and all those wingnuts on Melanie's site agreed with it.

  11. *cough* Melanie, the piece of writing you agreed with so much is classified by it's 'author' as viciously racist and you still have the termerity to turn round and defend yourself? I can't look, you're humiliating yourself.

    FYI, I've travelled and in fact drove across the US back in early 2001 spent a few months in the South and loved it, esp Alabama were I spent some time in Martin Luther King's church and thought of the ignorance and cruelty that had repressed black Americans right up until the 60s. And it ain't finished yet. I also stayed over in small town of Blair (ville?) in GA right in the top right hand corner. Real sweet. Been to Atlanta as well, looked a slick place.

    Now I don't pretend to know GA but I do know racism when I see it no matter where it's from.

    Ya'll take care you here...

  12. Oh man.. Daniel what did you get yourself into!

    On the one hand, yes a blog is for commenting both good and bad. All comments can't be positive. The world isn't that generous. Don't tell someone to stop responding to you just because they disagree.

    On the other hand, outting someone as a racist in your blog and outside of the comment section is tasteless.

  13. Jodi, Melanie outed herself with her posts, I just decided that instead of being a bystander and watching with my mouth shut I'd speak up about it.

    And Red, if only life was that simple.


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