Thursday, 9 June 2005

Watching a Car Crash

That's what the last few blog days have been equivalent to, I've not been able to turn away from some very horrible sights indeed. It reminds me that the blogsphere is home to a wide variety of things and that's good. It enables us to see the world in all it's ugly, desperate glory.

The recent events have reminded me of something that happened to me a long time ago and forgive me but I'm going to recount the tale but heavily mutilate the details to avoid lawsuits.

I worked at this place for a long time, never let them down, highly trusted, I busted my balls for them and always went the extra mile. Then one day an ex-employee of the same company came back; he had a reputation as a nice guy but with an eye for the ladies, he was married and had a kid and stuff.

Trouble is I knew that he has been making in-appropriate advances to another woman who worked there, very full on, explicit letters, gifts, coming on real strong. Sexual harassment. Now the girl doesn't want to lose her job and most other people in the work place know about it or similar stuff this guy's tried to pull in the past (he's a repat offender) but he's a valued member of staff and seemingly a nice guy.

But I can't stand it, it makes my skin crawl. So I decide to do something and with the woman's permission I get the evidence and make a complaint to the boss, which I do. Next thing I know I'm pulled to one side and told that as of next week I'll no longer be needed and as I'm not on a contract there's nothing I can do about it. Reason given: no work and too much staff. So I turn to my mates who've I've been working with for years for some support and they all wish me luck for the future and say there's nothing they can do.

I learnt something that day and I still get angry now about how I was treated and thinking about how I stood up to do something right and ended up losing my job. Trouble is, I made a promise to myself to keep standing up, no matter what and to keep taking the shots because sure, I'll fall down often but I'll always get right back up.

You're right, one day I'll bleed to death before I can stand up again but I'll know in my heart I was doing the right thing.


  1. You're right. I got emotional. Although have you seen 'Crash'?

  2. That sucks. I'm sorry. I've been going through some family issues in which case, I've had to take the high road on more than one occasion. The lesson I keep learning: It gets easier with practice. I never want to resort to the antics of people who pay evil for evil and always seek revenge. -OR- The kind of person who is a jellyfish and never stands up for what they believe in. Props to you for doing what you felt to be the right thing.

  3. Daniel: That's why we clashed so badly. Because I am the same type of person. I will always stand up for what I believe in...whether it's right or wrong to OTHER people, it's what I believe in. Even when people keep trying to push me down...and yes, I've had similar things like the things you mentioned in this post happen to me...I will always get back up. And I may bleed to death one day too. But it won't stop me from trying. Because I learned a valuable lesson one day, just like you did. It's what makes the world go 'round. Strong people....

  4. Hehe! I just noticed your ads...diversity, anger management...hehe!

  5. Hey Red, I like the "Anger Management" one..."control the anger in your relationship w/our Couple Experts"...LMAO!!!

  6. Viva! My homeland of South Africa would still be a fascist state if people had not stood up and voiced their opinions...

  7. There is a time, a place, and a way to fight every battle. I'm not saying only choose the battles you can win, but choose how you fight the battles you must.

    "Glory" is an excellent movie. "The Charge of the Light Brigade," is a great poem. Both were military fuckups.

    "The battle of New Orleans" is a stupid-assed song, but a great model on how to vanqish a foe when you're completely outmatched.

    Lesson learned: If you're gonna charge head-on into the fray, be prepared to get seriously hurt. There are other ways to do battle.


  8. Indeed there are BP, but I'm not talking about charging in I'm talking about even standing up in the first place.

    You gets me?

  9. No one ever told you not to stand up for what you believe in. But there comes a time where you need to agree to disagree.

    Don't feel defeated. You were right to say something. But there needs to be an end. How many blogs do we have to listen to "Yes you are." "No I'm not."

    Now go back to p0rn.

  10. Balloon're deliciously odd in a funny way;-))--yeharr???

    Daniel, I don't think you're over-doing this entry. You are right in so many many ways about standing up for what you believe.

    WHat is it that they say: if you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything..."

    As a social activist by profession and conviction, you "crash" into many of these people who are so used to being the yes-men. Sycophancy is inimical to my nature. I would rather say things as they are and be fucked than pretend everything is okay, just to survive.

    This is precisely the reason why the debates on genocide and conflict resolution are so en vogue.

    I was speaking to my immediate boss the other day, and he was saying that the excuse that people were following orders when they committed heinous crimes must never be allowed to happen again, hence the establishment of organisations like the International Criminal Court so that we can never ever make the excuse that we FAILED to stand up for our beliefs, and remained jellyfish, as someone put it here, because ALL OF US do have the will and capacity/capability *TO* stand up to any kind of injustice.

    I have never seen Erin Brockovich, but look how far she went after castigating, or criticising that corporation.

    We musn't be dazed by the David vs Goliath imagery into NOT doing the right thing. It may come at a price, but you would have known that you had chalked one up in Heaven...

    ...if that's ur thing;-)

    end of homily.

    PS, Daniel, if there were something like a Whistleblower's section like this one to your company, maybe you could have kept your job intact.

    Don't ever regret what you did, dude.

  11. Good for you! The world needs more people like you.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and adding to my story! I never would have expected a band of creatures!

  12. So many people, so many thoughts so I'll fire them off at random...

    I'm not just p0rn.
    I have sideburns right now.
    Ekbensah, you are a total dude and if you didn;t have so many blogs I'd add you to my list. Which one shall I add?
    I'm loving the story.


  13. Thank you for standing up and your refusal to give up. Too many people give up the first time they fail. I'm sorry you had to lose your job over it, but if you can prove that they certianly have enough work, you can sue.

  14. hey Daniel, many thanks for your comments...pls link me to reflecting the eccentric world...


    u following eastenders btw?


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