Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Why Do They Always Send The Poor?

I thought I'd leave you for a while after I dumped all that sick ass p0rn on your minds but now I'm back and I promise not to mention p0rn in this post...

Red threw down the meme gauntlet to me and I respond in regal style thus:

  1. The total volume of music files on my computer is... 20GB of some of the best damn tunes you'll ever here spanning jazz to punk rock, funk, blues and even a bit of Justin Timberlake.
  2. The last CD I bought was... "MEZMERIZE" by System of a Down and I swear to God you gotta by this fucking album because it's just some of the most intense and expansive heavy metal you'll ever hear and it shits all over Metallica. Sorry Red.
  3. The song playing right now is... B.Y.O.B by System of a Down where I stole the title of this post from. If you see Bush or Blair please ask them that question.
  4. Five songs that mean a lot to me are... Damaged II by Black Flag because it saved my life and when I need to vent 29 years of anger and pain I use this track as a conduit. For No One by The Beatles as it's just one of the best love songs about a relationship being an empty, drab sham of a love affair that I know of. Cold Sweat by James Brown as he invents funk, which is a pretty cool thing to do. Fuck The Police by NWA as this record came around the time of me deciding to become a gansta and it fuelled my violent, drug induced rages and acts of crime and violence across Nottingham. Funhouse by The Stooges as this song represents the beginning of my musical awakening and is one of the densest jams you'll ever hear and it makes me want to spaz out and just throw myself into the beat of the drums.
  5. Which people are you passing this baton to, and why? Col.Dr because I reckon he'll have some top tracks up his virtual sleeve and Rich White because he used to like heavy metal and I'm curious as to what he likes now.

ENOUGH OF THAT! What the hell have I been up to? Good question and I have no idea as I decided to experiment with crack and it's all been a blur.

Only joking, there was no crack but there was Ben Folds and a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo which was like a trip down memory lane as he played some old Ben Folds Five Stuff. Had a wonderful night swaying to his unique brand of melodic, piano driven pop only spoilt by him playing songs off his new album which remind me of Billy Joel. Not good.

Today was interesting as I spent all day in a bullying workshop so I can deliver said workshop in schools across the land to stop kids whacking one another in the chin and guts when they have low self-esteem and want to take it out on others. How we're expected to help kids when our world leaders behave in that way I've no idea but I can at least attempt to halt the downfall of mankind with said workshop.

Met some lovely people who I'll hopefully meet again, that's if I didn't put then off with my comprehensive knowledge of p0rn...


  1. Mezmerize is such an amazing album. Reakky helps when I'm feeling shit, which is often.

  2. So that's what Englishmen listen to...Hmmm...System of a Down is not bad at all. Good choices overall.

    Except the part where you speak of a band shitting all over Metallica. You're an asshole for that. But I still love you.

    By the way, how is Marie doing since her fainting spell? Is she doing better? Will she be back in your arms soon?

  3. Knoz, indeed it is and it is uplifting. See, we have a shared band...

  4. Red, Marie is back in the UK today and we will be re-united on Friday. Blogging may go quiet for a bit...

  5. Can't beat a band who have a song that starts "My cock is much bigger than yours, my cock can walk right through he door" =p

    Radio/Video is really catchy too. *contemplates switching from FoB to System*

  6. I don't have Mezmorize yet. But I do so love running around screaming "I play russian rolette everyday, a man's sport. With a bullet called life, yeah a bullet called life."

  7. Yes, where would the music world be without Russian roulette. Well, we'd have new Chicago to listen to...

  8. i'm still partial to a bit of the heavy stuff, although i fear i may have mellowed in my old age. last album i got was hot fuss by the killers, which is odd because i hate all this nostalgic eighties revival stuff that's happening at the moment. this particular album, i felt, did a little more to develop the sound rather than just mix the smiths with the cure on a c64 (good rhyme!) and you can't argue with a man who writes lyrics like 'you've got a real short skirt./ i wanna look up, look up, look up, yeah yeah.'
    fave band would have to be radiohead, says more to me than most music. i also like jazz of many varieties, really old blues, ambient, and crazy people like gonzales. had a brush with hiphop, although, like with most of the music i like, i'm very picky. i like the hiphop that actually has good music - adam f's khaos is particularly good.
    every now and then i put on my white zombie disc and remember the days of hair and neck ache. who can complain when you're playing a song called 'el phantasmo and the chicken run blastorama' at 2 in the morning?

  9. Sorry 'bout the chain thing, Daniel, but the person who stuck it on me went on bloody holiday right after...

  10. You seem to have a mighty eclectic taste in music there,Daniel. I thought I was the only person in the world to sport both Black Flag and NWA in the same collection.


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