Monday, 18 July 2005

America's Pillion Passenger

That's all Great Britain is according to an excellent report released today by an independent thinktank in the UK, the PDF is here so please go read and digest the full facts but in summary it makes some interesting points that the Blair government is, of course, denying.

  • The war in Iraq is increasing the threat of terror rather than decreasing it
  • The war in Iraq is acting as an excellent fund raiser for terrorist organisations and a great recruiting tool
  • The UK is the weaker partner in the alliance with the US, thus:
  • We are compromising our own security by standing with them and letting them drive the agenda and...
  • We are more at risk of being targeted due to our allegiance to the US

Blair has been at pains to dress-up the London bombings as another part of the 'evil ideology' rather than a response to policy, making the point that no matter what we do, they will continue to pursue their 'evil' ways. What rubbish! Cause and effect anyone? Or is that out of fashion in these with us or against us times?


  1. Anyone who allies themselves with us at this point in the "war on terror" is compromising their own security.

  2. Yup. But sometimes you've got to do what you think is right. And so, if Iraq was a genuine attempt to remove an evil regime and prevent terrorism then it was right to do, regardless of the outcome. If however, it was an ill concieved attempt to regain control of the worlds third biggest oil reserve for the protection of the western economy with complete disregard to any moral issues that may raise, then 9-11 & 7-7 can be laid firmly at the door of George and Tony. Except thet we voted for them. not sure where that leaves me. (been drinking). :-)

  3. Independant thinktank...What a laugh...erm.. didn't we know this already?

  4. Well Blair and New Labour refuse to accept it.

  5. I agree with Rich. It's a copout to end with "We had it coming to us."

    (Not that I think you're saying this, Daniel.)

  6. Yep...we are all fucked...we live in a dangerous time....

  7. Lets just hope that the Gaza pullout (if it goes ahead) is the begining of a wider, more intense period of reflection!

  8. Pillion, eh? Had to look that one up. Thanks for the new Scrabble word, and the insightful observations too.

    I wish I could remember where I read it, but someone wrote a piece on how the Bush admin actually aided the terrorist who bombed and killed in London.

    As I recall, the announcement of terrorist captures in Pakistan during the Democratic Convention were actually of individuals that security operatives were making deals with. They would report on terrorist activities and plans in exchange for their own freedom. Once those announcements were made, those plans went into the garbage.

    As I further recall, many of those suspected in the bombings were in Pakistan at the time, and known associates of the caputred terrorist.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone? Can anyone point me to that story?

    But of course thos would have meant that the Bush administration would have compromised national (and international) security for political gain, and they wouldn't do that.

    Would they, Karl?



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