Friday, 15 July 2005


Oh yes! Like a raccoon reaching out to you from the void of its cage, he I am, clawing once again at your computer monitors with the sheer brutality of my spiel.

I returned a few hours ago to London after spending some time in France after helping my parents move from this (I could only fit a third of the house on):

To this:


The journey home brought a little adventure I'd like to share with you all...

I got the ferry back to England as a foot passenger and couldn't help but notice a large Italian family who were also foot passengers. I smiled at them as they struggled with an ocean of bags and this turned out to be the beginning of a brief but fruitful relationship for my karma and the start to their holiday in the UK.

First I helped them negotiate the bus link from the port of Dover to the train station called Dover Priory. This included speaking to the rude bus driver who, when he realised the family couldn't understand him, proceeded to shout very loudly as if this would help them 'get it'.

I then guided them on the train to London and when they struggled in broken English to seek my help about the Tube I decided to be really helpful and said I'd guide them to where they needed to go...

When we arrived into Victoria station I weaved my trusty Italian followers through the rush hour station, into the Tube, bought their tickets for them (with their money, I'm not that nice) and led them to their subway train to Godspeed them to their hotel.

The bedraggled father of the family embraced me as we parted, clearly grateful for a bit of help. I hope they spread the word about how nice we English people are.

We also sat together as we traveled from Dover to London, conversation was light as neither of us spoke one another's language but in the reflection of the train window I spotted the youngest daughter (about 16) gently crying, tears rolling down her cheeks. She happened to glance in my direction and our eyes met; I had no idea what to do so I smiled weakly and tried to convey some positive vibes in her direction.

I wonder if they'll remember me when they tell their friends about their holiday?


  1. You have a talent of extracting the painful from the ordinary and for that I am in awe (and sometimes) brotherhood with you. Glad that you are back and even gladder (??) that you are still kikin ars
    Barnaby x

  2. What a beautiful house your parents now have. I love the architecture! It just looks so "homey" and alive with family happiness!

  3. I know that racoon. Good thing there was a fence between you two, he'll talk your ear off...

    Um, I'm assuming the parents are comfortable in the Norman house?

  4. Daniel, giving, in life, is one of the highest services one soul can do for another, and a life of "service" in this way, where you just try to raise the energy of a situation, or bring light where there is darkness, or merely connect with an open heart, is a life that is endlessly rewarded. By the by, "paranoid democrat" isn't my only blog (though I really let balloon pirate run roughshod all over it, and thank goodness because he really knows what he's talking about, I started it - we're college buds) and as you're a working actor, and I'm a working writer, I wanted to let you know of my "industry" blog, Thought you'd find it interesting. Best, Phil.

  5. Thanks for the link. By the way, did Marie ever find a home?

  6. LA is on hold Jessica for now as we may be buying a house!

  7. Hurrah! Good luck with the house-buying biz.


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