Friday, 8 July 2005


And so we go on, as if nothing has happened, a little more jumpy, a gentle sullenness perhaps but we go on.

I was at Kings Cross today, one of the stations worst effected by the bombing as I use the Thameslink to get down to London Bridge and then my bus home, and I was stopped by one of the vultures.

And by vulture I mean one of those many media types circling the bomb sites across London so they can feed our never ending craving for news, news, news. The poor young journalist with her TV crew made the mistake of stopping me and asking me what I thought (this was just after I'd nearly vomited at all the camera men trying to get good angles on the flowers that are tied to the railings at the station) about the whole messy episode.

I let her know what I thought. No need to repeat it, you've read it all here. I closed with the request that the vultures fuck off and leave us to our lives without the constant simulacra pouring out from the TV screens: interviews with victims, the families of victims, the footage shot by victims, the desperate please for anyone with first hand footage to send it in. ANYTHING TO BE THERE!

It's verging on the masturbatory.

I have two questions for you about yesterday's events: why did it happen now and whom does it benefit? Does the 7/7 date stamp have any relevance?

I'm having difficulty with the first, the event still does not sit as cosy with me as it should. As for the second, I can't be the first to note that the number 7 plays an important part in the history of the Koran, the seven readers who handed down the seven basic texts. That's just so heavy handed it almost makes me want to adjust my tin-foil hat...


I'm linking to a new blog because he's funny and his blogger picture is the best I've ever seen, the man in question is Old Man Rich. Rejoice in his mental health issues!

I've also discovered that you can up load any old picture onto blogger now so without further ado here is my wife to be Marie...

Me in black and white...

And some p0rn...

So fuck you terrorists! Your bombs will not spoil my digital photo fun!


  1. Ta for the link. Not going to rate the other two photos but yours is definitely a poor third.

    Why yesterday? I like to think that the terrorists, like me, feel that for the first time we are genuinely trying to be good guys. We are not just talking the talk but starting to walk the walk. That must terrify them, losing their justification for hating us. And the 7-7 thing. Surely even the CIA are not that clumsy ?

  2. Daniel,

    Well, they say everyone has a twin. I noticed your resemblance to MJ (a famous DJ in our area) but until this picture, I wasn't sure.

    Check it out and see if you agree (MJ is in the upper right hand corner). It's not a great pic of MJ (I know him personally) but believe me - you look more alike than you know.

    You should send pics to him at his morning show! He'd love it.

  3. I feel a bit of an ass emailing him but perhaps you could drop him a line on my behalf?

  4. I'd be happy to! He's a wild card, so I don't know if he'll respond or not. We'll see! The resemblance is pretty wild, though. ;o)

  5. Marie is BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS!! You lucky bastard!

  6. Hi there, found your site from saurkrauts. Good to meet another UK blogger...and in the arts too!

    Love your photographs!!

    If you are passing, drop in to my site.
    Bookmarked your site.

  7. 7 figures big with hyper-Christian right wing Nazis, too, though.

    I still say Blair should show us his tits and come up with some video footage that Industrial Lights and Magic haven't doctored (I'm looking at YOU, 11/9/2001 shot of the Twin Towers after the Sidewinder missile was removed).

    Innocents die that the greedy may get what? More?

  8. Guess what? My nation enacted legislation preventing me from pointing out what everybody already knows about America.

    We've been gagged.

    Show us your tits, Tony!

  9. Zep: cool, I'll be over to yours.

    Col.Dr: keep up the good work!

  10. Marc sent pics to all of us (even though I did not go..sob sob) and I have that on my pinboard to remind me of people I liked at college..(don't get a big head Dan, your hat won't fit)...

  11. I have a phone video of Old Man Rich dancing like the mad old man he is, I'll dig it out.

  12. Nice looking lady you have there dan.Oh & cheers for the porn!

  13. Marie est tres beautiful:-) Serieusement. Your going to France, and you wife-to-be's (gorgeous I might add) very french-sounding name all allude to a seriously great penchant for most things French, no?;-)

    Good luck on your trip, and have a great time with ur parents. Very noble on your part that you're helping them out. Family is very under-rated these days, but oh-so-precious.

    Bonne chance--and all that!


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