Saturday, 16 July 2005

A Punch in the Arse

Do you want some? Do you? COME ON THEN! I'll take you all on, the lot of you! I'll wrestle you with my bare hands and get you in a serious headlock leaving you gasping for life gas and filling your fashionable slacks with poop.

DAMMIT! I could beat you with power and mental wrath whilst playing air drums you weak assed ugly fuck. And when you're begging for mercy from your sloppy jaw I'll make you tell all your watching mates, maws gaping with horror at the beating you've received, that you want to have man sex with me.

I may even wee on you.



Normal service may or not be resumed at a later date...


  1. Everyday, dissapointment smacked me in the face as I clicked onto your blog to link to friends and saw 'keep your heads up till i return'- welcome back. You are a third of my internet life.

  2. I am second you gemma..
    Dan...the wee bit did freak me out a little.

  3. No, I am part of this third thing too..I was always shit at maths..and Dan, I use your blog to link to others, what would we do without you?

  4. Let us all hug via the web and whilst doing so we shall become a giant robot!

  5. Arse punches and web hugs?

    Mine's not the only blog undergoing radical changes :)

    Steroids cause le cancer.

  6. Dear Daniel--

    I was a 98-pound weakling who always had sand in kicked in my face until I tried Charles Atlas' DYNAMIC RESISTANCE course. After just six short months I was transformed into a 110 pound not quite as weakling who had slightly less sand kicked in my face.

    So, I 'roided up, and now I rip off people's heads and shit down their necks just for fun.

    Oh, and I'm also Governor of Kahleefohhhnia

    Arnold Schwarzenegger


  7. Glad everyone went along with the spirit of the last post.


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