Sunday, 31 July 2005


We interrupt this blog with a special bulletin: America is now under marshall law. All constitutional rights have been suspended. Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to contact love ones, insurance agents or your attorney. Shut up. Do not attempt to think or depression may occur. Stay in your homes. Curfew is at 7pm sharp after work. Anyone caught outside of the gates of their surveillance sectors after curfew will be shot. Remain calm, do not panic. Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine examples in the morning. Anyone caught interfering with the collection of urine examples will be shot. Stay in your homes, remain calm.

The number one enemy of progress is question.

National security is more important than individual will.

No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission. Use only the drugs described by your boss or supervisor. Shut up. Be Happy. Obey all orders without question. The comfort you demanded is now mandatory. Be happy. At last everything is done for you...


  1. What sparked this little rant? I've been feeling this way fo quite a long time. I'm really torn between staying in my country and living out my life the best way I can or moving to a place where we can live our lives the way we choose without any reprecussions. Canada and Holland are two options.

  2. Have you ever listened to Laibach? I think you'd like them.

  3. hmmm......while perhaps READING your liberal media papers about what is going on in America(from of course, our liberal media)you might be getting the wrong impression. while i understand disgruntlement over some of the patriot acts etc..that have been started(i myself get mad time to time), you, a Brit, don't understand as much. perhaps read a CONSERVATIVE paper for a tad more insight? they won't agree with all our security 100%, I don't either! but it explains a lot of things and disproves the liberal's "facts". zipporah

  4. PC: it's actually lyrics from a song by Ice-T but performed by Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys. Just thought it was pretty relevent to what's happening now, also in the UK.

    Jessica: I love Laibach, really cool band.

    Zip: I don't read liberal newspapers from America I base my words on the facts eminating from your country and from verbatim text from your political representatives. That is all I need. I don't need to be told that I don't understand when I have a wide body of knowledge that means I do.

    And when you find the LIBERAL MEDIA in the US do let me know.

  5. Would you care to sign up for the US army? :-)

  6. Right on! As an American, I've thought much the same as this post. Stop by and visit me!

    And for what it's worth, nobody tells me what to think either but when I tell people my theories I'm accused of being paranoid and listening to media hype. My TV has been in my closet for at least six months and I don't read many newspapers. It's all intuition, baby.

  7. Funny I was just in DC and that anti-nuke protester is still across the street. Weren't you the one bitching at me for criticizing your country, hypocricy anyone?

  8. Ben, the protester in Parliament Square is un effected by the new law so he can still protest and that just shows you how the law is an ass.

    Just like you.

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