Thursday, 7 July 2005

Terror Attacks London Part 2

Went out tonight with my good friend Kirky (who, if we were both gay, we would make a lovely couple) and had time to reflect on the days events over a few beers and some Japanese food at Wagamama.

I have some thoughts on the attacks, they may not be in any correct order and they may be a little random but I think they are worth putting out there.

Something's not quite right about all of this and I don't mean Prime Minister Blair emoting at the news cameras, or the insipid coverage were news casters with too much make-up on ask people who've nearly died what it was like, or President Bush looking utterly uncomfortable at Blair's side as the Prime Minister gave his second speech about the day's events. The Texan nearly made me laugh out loud as he stood, gnomic and shifted from foot to foot as Blair emoted some more.

Did anyone see Bush's first speech following the bombing? Man, I wish that whenever we get attacked in the future he gets to speak because the crazy bastard just cheers me up. He said 'folks' about twenty times and was virtually in coherent. Cool.

Speaking of speech's, London's Mayor Ken Livingstone also said some good words:

This is not an attack against the rich and powerful. It is not an attack on the politicians, but on the common working people of London. We have seen that you [the terrorists] are not afraid to take your own lives but what you did is just mass murder. I can tell you now that you will fail in your long-term objectives to destroy our free society. In the days that follow, look at our airports and seaports, and even after your cowardly attacks, you will still see people from around the world coming to London to achieve their dreams.

Back to what isn't right about all of this and for further thoughts along these lines head to the good Col. Dr who seems to be on to something.

I don't think al-Qaeda are responsible. Why? Well for one thing the claim of ownership was phony as hell and featured an error in the text related to the Koran. These people do not make false quotes from the holy book they are willing to die for. The language was also utterly unlike al-Qaeda.

Also the scope of the assault was too small, if they really wanted to bring London to its knees then they could've. It's virtually back to normal already and yes, that's a wonderful reflection of the spirit of the people and the hard work and bravery of the emergency staff but al-Qaeda don't do small, they do 9/11.

Ken Livingstone hit it on the head when he talked of who they had targeted, al-Qaeda go for epic targets, targets with a message not a selection of stations and a bus.

I think this is a splinter cell and that doesn't make it any better but it leads on nicely to my next thought.

Going round the British blogs out there I'm picking up some saber rattling and some laying of blame. Understandable but we've got to be careful, otherwise the UK people will suddenly be lining up behind the vacuous WAR ON TERROR and you know how I feel about that.


  1. Deadly, personal reality doesn't even shake your fantasy world.

    This is not about Bush or Blair. This is about families who have someone they love missing from the dinner table tonight! It’s about a child who has no mother or father. This is about innocent people in real agony and suffering. If you really want to learn something, ask THEM what matters. Then, if you still feel the same, share with your fellow countrymen about how they shouldn’t lay blame.

    How was the Japanese food?

    P.S. All day I have heard American news calling this a “splinter cell.”

  2. People are dead. My world has been violated. I want to rage.

    And yet. 9-11. We raged. we took vengance. we bombed the crap out of the towlheads. And is the world a better place? is the world a safer place?

    Poeple are dead. There is no comfort I can offer. We must try to ensure this doesn't happen again.I don't know what the answer is. I know what the answer isn't.

  3. Daniel, nice post. I don't know who this Secret Organisation of al-Qaeda is or if they're even involved with al-Quaeda. I loathe what has happened to the British people and my heart goes out to you.

    That restaurant sounds lovely; I went to the site you had linked. You'll have to take me there, along with one of your curry houses, if I ever get over there to visit.

  4. Even splinters hurt,No matter who,Why would be a good one to answer! Gutted!

  5. Daniel,

    We have disagreed in the past. I am moderate-to-conservative, but I'm also a thinker (and so I'm willing to entertain other unpopular views, taste them, and see if I swallow or spit them out).

    However, I believe your assessment is correct. Either Al Quaida is no more (or even less) powerful than the time of the 9/11 attacks, or it is someone/something else. Incidentally, your thoughts were echoed in an extremely right wing blog today as well.

    Very interesting about the misquoted Quran. Of course, it should be noted that these people are semi-literate at best. Still, it's something to consider.

  6. The statement by someone or some group claiming responsibility and misquoting the Quran was dismissed by authorities as one of many wannabes we can expect to come out of the sewers.

    News reports here have stated that two more bombs were found that failed to detonated.

    God speed, London!

  7. It's important to note the claim by the alleged group responsible used the "z" in "organisation."

    The "Secret Organization...yada ya"

    British radical Islamics know enough to use the "s," like any civilised language does.

  8. And what the fuck is up with all the blubbering emotive comments knocking you for being cogent and cool-headed about this?

    The victimisation of this event is about families who have been made to pay for high-level tricks carried out by corrupt greedy people. But emotion blurs sense, and this event requires common sense to be understood correctly.

    The actual event is about the kind of people who can calculate exactly how much controlled murder will force an "ally" to buck up and get behind the coach.

    These people are more than dangerous, they are in action and the knife is at our throats.

  9. And what the fuck is up with calling these people semi-literate? The CIA spent 3 billion dollars on Al Qaeda, (including literacy and command thought--not just guns and missiles), so even if it was remotely connected with that missing boogeyman Bin Laden (who is an American employee), it is not a "semi-literate" bunch of goofs.

    This is such a set up. I hope you people live to watch the truth of this event exposed.

  10. I've calmed down, sorry for going fissile. Spent 10 hours straight in a research/debate flurry.


  11. col, dr. t.degro, phd, msnbc, fhia:

    I have one word for you. Zanax


  12. Its so much easier for the government to point a finger at Al Qaeda, but its too obvious.If this was them its just a warning. Dan was right because they have the means of creating far more havoc, death and destruction than that... be vigilent all of you. Peace.

  13. Glutton: by your anon tag I feel I'm wasting my breath but this has everything to do with Bush and Blair. It is their war on terror that makes us and you a target.

  14. send me to the hill where I can scream the un-utterable moniker: " Col. Dr. T. deGro, PhD, MSnBC, FHIA, you are SO EFFING on target!"

    Nice one; shall be visiting your blog pronto.

    Pls forgive me, it's a Friday after all...;-)

  15. And what the fuck is up with calling these people semi-literate? The CIA spent 3 billion dollars on Al Qaeda, (including literacy and command thought--not just guns and missiles), so even if it was remotely connected with that missing boogeyman Bin Laden (who is an American employee), it is not a "semi-literate" bunch of goofs.


    Just because a couple of the head-honchos are literate or well-educated does not mean their flunkies are. I think it's a well-acknowledged fact that they cull most of their volunteers and suicide bombers from the uneducated and poor. In fact, recently in Iraq there was a suicide bomber who was mentally retarded.

  16. saurkraut:

    The only people using a moronic flunky to front their evil schemes are the Americans.

    "Look folks, do not let terror...or terror, I, uh, I mean to say, we, uh...folks...this terror won't, it won't stop us...folks.

    "What I mean to say is this terror doesn't stop us. We aren't uh...I...stop us from, uh, we complete the mission is what I mean to say."

    Forgetting the aircraft carrier mini-drama with the big banner "Mission Accomplished?"

    What's the true mission, if not to bully the world into fearful submission?

    When do Americans reclaim America and re-earn some measure of respect in the world?

    When do the "free" nations of the world free themselves?

    There is only one threat to world security, and now they're bombing London?

    And the anonymous commentator misspelled Xanax. This is probably because, as a probably American citizen, the closest they will come in contact with Xanax (due to a criminal lack of FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE), is hearing about it in soaps and Jeb Bush family busts.

  17. And why the fuck was Bono at my Prime Minister for African Aid, when the Crawford Kid was in town?

    Bono, Sir Arsehole, Sir Paul, Sir Elton, please, listen to me: pull your knightly heads out of your asses and point your indignation at the proper target.

    Canada is not repressing the development of the rest of the world.

  18. Its so much easier for the government to point a finger at Al Qaeda, but its too obvious.If this was them its just a warning.

    The only way this could be a "warning," consider the full-blown War On Terror has been in full swing for three and a half years, would be if the American sources who perpetrated the bombing are warning the British people to get the fuck back in line and support the war effort.

    You seem to believe, as most people do, that something is amiss in all this.

  19. Video surveillance. London is FAMOUS for it.

    Where are the sensationalised stills from the surveillance cams?


  20. INDEED! And still nothing from the bus as all London buses are loaded with about 8 cameras and the movie burnt to DVD near the driver.

    PLEASE NOTE! The driver's cabin was unharmed in the bombing.

    What gives?

    CIA Ops?

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. You should read 'Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam' by Jason Burke; it helps explain that Al-Qaeda is not an organisation, as such, it is more of an ideology and a network; any radical Islamic group could be part of Al Qaeda. Hence, a splinter cell is inaccurate.

    As regards the 'small scale' of this attack; they struck at the heart of one of the world's great cities, killing over 50 people and immobilising the city for a day. Could have been a warning shot, could have been a display of potential, could have just not gone quite to plan; but don't dismiss this just because it's not as 'big' as September 11. That was never intended to topple the twin towers, the fact they went was a bonus for them.

    No CCTV yet? The police have it all. It will out, as will the truth. No conspiracy, this one - of that, I'm certain.

    Regarding 'sabre-rattling' - I'd say it was a show of defiance for the most part, I doubt we're going to get many converts to the holy war on terror from this.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Sorry, Daniel, for so many deletes. I keep posting before proofing them because you're being beset with so much bullshit.

    I'll keep it simple.

    If investigators have video footage of "radical Islamics" placing the bombs, of course they're going to suppress their publication.

    But their political masters are going to splatter the news that such evidence exists.

    No indication that such evidence exists has been given, because it is currently being manufactured at Lucas Arts and Industrial Light and Magic.

    The British Press would have had complete copies of each video surveillance out on the Internet by now. This could be the only instance where an intrusive, psychotic, totally sensationalist press is beneficial.

    The only people who could be using this as a "warning" are the Americans, warning British citizens to get back in line. They used to do the same thing to their other slaves, until Lincoln gave his life to end that nonsense.

  25. Just the innocuous word, "warning" creeping into the language of this attack, shows that the perpetrators have had a pre-packaged propaganda campaign ready to use to distract people from stating the obvious, that America is responsible for these bombings.

    Flying JUMBO JETS into SUPERTOWERS four years ago pretty much ended the warnings, don't you think?

  26. Of course not Cheeks!

    Please don't think I'd do that to you dude.

    Fellow Camberwell resident!

  27. Just checked my email post records and you only ever left one comment on the matter on this post.

    All the deletes are the Col.Dr deleting his own.


  28. Odd; I think I didn't log in properly, then.

  29. Could be the Americans.

  30. col.dr. is a fraud.

    Ladies and gentlemen the emperor has NO CLOTHES.

    Too many drugs I think.

  31. Nice try, spook.

    Show us surveillance video footage. If little brown people with turbans had done this they'd be splattered over every news outlet.

    It wasn't CIA, they're busy elsewhere. This is a kosher job.

  32. col. dr.

    If you weren't so sacry I would be ROFLMAO.

    You know FOLKS, you can't make this stuff up!

  33. I think someone needs to replace the tin foil in their hat...


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