Thursday, 7 July 2005

Terror Attacks London

Speak of the devil...

Details are unclear at the moment but it seems that London has been struck with numerous terrorist attacks, including the blowing up of a bus carrying commuters and also underground trains across central London have been targeted.

Reports say that victims are being operated on at station platforms and that human remains are scattered in the streets from the explosions on the buses.

For those of you attempting to keep up to date with the news as it rolls in, excellent trustworthy sources are here and here.

The blame is already being laid at the door of al-Qaeda and it will be interesting to see who takes responsibility for the attacks, if at all. At this moment, I'm not placing any bets on who did this as we have many foes but please do look out for aggressive finger pointing on very little evidence.

My thoughts go to the victims and their families.

I hope all my dear friends are safe and well.


UPDATE: Texts are rolling in from friends but I fear that someone I know and love in London will not return my call. Some thoughts: typically wonderful terrorist timing in the attack, both the time; the very peak of rush hour human traffic and the day, in the aftermath of the Olympic celebrations.

In my web search I also discovered this sobering fact, on this day in history Heinrich Himmler made the decision to begin experiemting on Jewish prisoners.


  1. Ah, man that sucks. I hope your friends are safe.

  2. Glad you are ok. Its too awful to even think about it..I have friends and family who have not replied yet, the networks are down. I hope your friend is safe..stay safe Dan.

  3. I'm glad you're okay. I was actually thinking of you when I heard the news.

    My thoughts are overseas today...

  4. My oldest son's girlfriend is in London on an internship. She just got to her office when the explosions occurred. She takes the Picadilly Line to Kings Cross to get to work.

    This is tragic.

  5. Daniel, Best wishes to you, your family, and friends. What a harrowing event. Be safe, and please keep us updated.

  6. I am writing a post on it now. I'm sooooo sorry, Daniel. I hope you and your mates are safe.

  7. I saw the news of an explosion at about 2:30 am California time. They didn't say then that it was terrorism.
    I don't even really have words to say how we in America empathize for you over there. I just felt like I should check in over here.

  8. Strength and honour, my friend. I share your initial concerns that all may not be as it seems, and I assure you this will be the subject of careful analysis in the future.

    But now is the time to deal with the immediacy of the situation. I hope your friend is merely absent from the phone.

    More later.

  9. hey dan, all is fine here. i didn't even manage to get on the tube today as i fortunately work quite near where i live and start quite late (plus i was late too).
    spent all day listening to radio5live and feeling very displaced. i was living here during 11/9/2001 - even though those events happened thousands of miles away there was a strange feeling in london because we knew we were a possible target too. it seemed to be only a matter of time... and now something has happened. fortunately not on that scale but the intention was there, it could have been so much worse.
    keep safe everyone.

  10. I heard about it as soon as I got up (6:30 AM EST) and immediately thought of you. I had to rush to work but was wondering all day if you were OK. Glad to know that you are well. My heart goes out to every victim in this mess. The only good news that came out of it is the knowledge that it could be so much worse if Al Quaida was strong.

  11. This was just a warning...yes it could have been worse. It will be.
    Hope your friend was ok Dan..still not heard from mine.

  12. Define 'strength' saurkraut. Two plus years after 9/11 (sorry, Daniel, that's the way we write it here), nearly a year after Bush said he's not worried about Bin Laden, they're still out there. Just because there's not a bombing every other day does not mean we're 'winning' the war on 'terror.'

    Here's a story I heard years ago from a someone who spent many years in the middle east. I wish I could remember which country this came from, but it's pretty universal for that region, and quite apropos:

    An old man walking down the road met up with a friend of his, another old man. This man was carrying a bloody knife.

    The first man said "What did you just do?"

    The second man said "I just killed my neighbor."

    "Why?" asked the first old man.

    "Because his grandfather insulted my grandfather," was the reply.

    The first old man scratched his head. "So why were you in such a big hurry?" he asked

    Plus, with what's going on in Iraq, we've created the perfect training gound for terrorists to learn urban terror tactics.

    Little has changed.


  13. Balloon Pirate,

    Point taken, but I still say that if they were stronger, there would have been more attacks and more casualties. I agree with Daniel in the next post, where he states that there are almost too few casualties (though each and every one of them has loved ones who are mourning - don't get me wrong).

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