Wednesday, 20 July 2005


I've just started the devising process for a new show that'll be touring the UK from September (ish) onwards. It's exciting to be at the beginning of the process but funny to see the flyers already printed off.

Real hard work today, plenty of throwing ourselves around doing a lot of acting exercises dealing with motivation and truth in performance. We spent a lot of time scrapping with each other, real rough house stuff. Acting provides an opportunity as a grown-up to do all the stupid stuff that is forbidden once you enter adulthood.

I even got to touch a girls breast and arse.

Then I got a phone call offering me another acting job, so you're now reading the blog of the presenter/compere of the Hackney Short Cuts Film Competition. How cool is that?

I love being an actor for a living.


  1. Does Marie approve of you touching girls' breasts and arses? Hee hee!

  2. Yikes, de ja vu with the London tube. Be safe; I'm thinking of you & the lovely Marie.

  3. good on ya! But just to add to the last line...good being an actir...especially one with some comprehensive grey matter in between the ears:-))

    But I know you're too modest to add that:-))

  4. dan, will you be able to do the derby reprisal in september. who's this new job with?

  5. Yes but can you re-email me dates please?

    I'm not telling who the job is with...



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