Friday, 1 July 2005

You Gets Me?

And so Thick as Thieves is laid to rest at long last like a crippled old dog with bad eyes and a weak bladder that is laying on the concrete half-dead, in his own wee, after drinking his final sips from his favourite water bowl. That might be a bit harsh on Thick as Thieves but you get the point.

I also got a bit tipsy on Mexican lager beer.

As an actor, the only problem with finishing a show is that everyone asks you what's next and unless you have a quick fire answer you feel a little bit inadequate. To be honest, I have no idea what's next. There are quite a few maybe's and a large number of possible opportunities but nothings written in stone.

Some things I do know now are:

  • I'm going to France on the 9th July to help my parents move house
  • Marie is going to the Meisner acting school in Hollywood for a 5 week intensive course, so if anyone lives in LA and is willing to put my girlfriend up I'd be very grateful
  • I'm hungry
  • Kano's new album is a winner so go buy it
  • Anger is a gift
  • I will miss Marie so much I may bleed to death
  • Marie's bedroom is so messy I can't walk in there without feeling nauseous

Be warned! Tomorrow I might be getting philosophical on your ass with some hard up Baudrillard facts as I digest his latest work on terrorism. I shall leave you with this marvellous quote from the New York Times Book Review:

It takes a rare, demonic genius to brush off the slaughter of thousands on the grounds that they were suffering from severe ennui brought about by boring modern architecture.


  1. I know you've been busy, but philisophical is good! I've been waiting for some more of your deeper thoughts, epecially from someone with more intelligence than the average blogger!

  2. I do live near LA, but I doubt that Marie wants to share a room with a nine-month-old. Good luck to her & you!

  3. I will miss Marie so much I may bleed to death

    Beautifully said. I have a love like that too. May all people be blessed with such passionate adoration.

  4. PC, philosophy coming at you soon!

    Jessica, I'm coming over to ask your advice!

    Saur, thank you!

  5. Absence and all that... you'll be fine..

    Ennui..what a word.

  6. Pronounced "on wee" the light of the poor dog lying in wee...quite inappropriately apt!:-)

    Sheez, am I an oxymoron?


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