Sunday, 28 August 2005


Let me re-explain the lack of posts.

If any of you didn't know, some time ago I secured an acting job doing the John Godber play 'Bouncers' with the excellent Sheffield based theatre company Reform Theatre.

We started rehearsals on the 22nd August hence the serious lack of posts as when I've got back from a long day pretending to be a bouncer/ a hairdresser/a video shop owner/a pissed up youth and a drunken, sweating slag I've had to do some hard graft at the computer writing my 12,000 word dissertation.


It's been a stressful week.

We open in Sheffield on the 31st August and it's going to be funny as hell, before we go all over the UK so if any readers what facts as to when we are in their neck of the woods, leave a comment and I'll hit you with facts. And Sally, we are even coming to Milton Keynes!

As I'm rehearsing and acting, posts will come when I've a chance and don't forget I'm moving house on the 12th September so blogging will be taking a backburner to getting my life together.

To be honest, I'm grateful to be busy.


  1. Awesome.

    I actually knew someone who was, variously, a bouncer, a hair dresser, perpetually drunk and, while not a video purveyor, had a collection of pirate hardcore which could have stocked a fairly large store for a year.

    He wasn't very young, though, and there were a lot of guns involved...

    Actually, I don't think he'd ever spoken 12 000 words in his life, the extent of his human communication being restricted to violent gestures and various legal pleas...


  2. I used to be a bouncer at a titty bar and boy howdy could I telyou some stories.

    Sounds like a fun play to be in. Good luck and break a leg, amigo.
    Until later...

  3. Link us to the reviews when they come out. The good ones, anyway.

  4. Dan...I will be there on 1st November....Good luck with the tour mate, it sounds like it will be great fun and PAID!!!! always a bonus...see you in November..

  5. Will you be performing in Notts?
    I saw "Bouncers" a few years back..Bloody good!

  6. do break a leg. Keep up the good spirit an dhumor--it's all important in becoming balanced. AM sure Marie will fit well into creating even more balance so you don't totally freak out!

    Totally totally empathise with you. If I may suggest something. WRITE ALL YOUR GOALS for the day down; I know personally it helps.

    Might be useful:-)

    Bonne chance...

  7. No, Newark is the nearest I get on the 19th October. Come along!

  8. Hey thats good i will be there.
    i like Newark me,i fancy living there but the house prices are steep.

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