Friday, 19 August 2005


Let me tell you a story.

When Marie and I first went to Greece in 2003 we visited the island of Rhodes and the resort of Afandou. It was delightful and we had a wonderful time, however there was one dark incident and it was named Cufflink...

Greece is notorious for having a lot of stray dogs and Afandou was no different...well it had one who I named Cufflink. He was a lovely mongrel with low self esteem and in need of some love. It was at this point that I discovered that Marie has an irrational fear of stray dogs, who she believes will maul her and invest her wounds with fleas and rabid foam. Not so, all Cufflink wanted was a friend but Marie got hysterical (and I mean hysterical) whenever he approached.

So fast forward to last week and our holiday on the island of Kos in the wonderful town of Kefalos. We had not seen hide nor hair of a stray beast until one day Marie came scampering back from the pool, exclaiming that two massive dogs had nearly snuffled her as she bathed in the sun. She even quoted one women who believed the dog to be 'the size of a horse'. Very unlikely I thought as any dog that size would be caught and sold into the circus.

Indeed the two canines turned out to be one that looked like Lassie (but dirtier):

And a small fellow who looked a bit like this (but had patches of hair missing):

The horse sized dog was never seen again and may have been the product of Marie's fevered imagination and irrational loathing of stray dogs with broken hearts.

But God I love her.


  1. You tell great tales, my friend. I hope to hear more.

    Welcome back.


  2. My mom's dog of 17 years (Bobbie) just died. She was the sweetest thing, and had been in rough shape the last five years. My mom had her on glucosamine and a special diet.

    The dog replaced my childhood pet, who I got when I was five years old. Max was a mongrel, and had been wounded by hunters when he came into my life. He always had a fear of guns, no matter what form they came in, hated a certain type of man who always turned out to be a prick, and used to protect me and my sisters from threats.

    He was my daily companion until I was 18 years old, when he died of cancer. Well, technically I euthanised him in an Old Yeller sort of way--things were done differently when I was a teenager.

    It was a profoundly disturbing event. In spite of the violence I became accustomed to around me as I grew up, the death of my dog left a permanent impression. I'm hesitant to describe his condition the day I put him down, as it was very gross and disturbing, although the suffering is the only thing which makes the immediacy of my action tolerable in my memory 18 years later.

    The veterinarian was about forty-five minutes' drive away, and his suffering that day was bad enough that I put him out of his misery myself.

    I'm thankful that Bobbie went peacefully. She just went to sleep and slipped away.

    Both Bobbie and Max were stray dogs, which came into my family's lives accidentally, and stuck around to reward and vex. The picture of the dark dog reminds me of Max, and despite the gore and horrors I've witnessed, I'm feeling soft-hearted right now...

    Fuckin' dogs...they can only live so long...

  3. That's sad. If you want to see a really scary looking stray check out my internet friends blog, you will have to scroll down a bit.

  4. Col Dr you always hit the nerve man.

    I checked out that poor creature veggiebabe4 and it reminded me of the Greek strays.

  5. Puerto Rico has the same problem with strays there excpet for the fact that those strays are absolutely NOT going to come near you. I think this can best be explained by the fact that I am sure, in my drunken sailor stupor, I ate some of their friends outside of a titty bar just outside the base. (Those who have landed in port there will ALL, without fail, have a "lost my heart at Papa Johns" story to share.) In his broken english, the man with the grill utensils swore it was beef, but I know a fucking cow when I eat one and this was close, but this were no cow. If my sinking suspicions were to prove correct though, I can assure you that BBQ dog is absolutely delicious. Until some other time...

  6. I always pick up stray dogs, cats or men wherever I go.... thats the sort of gal I am....

  7. touching yarn...showing that your Marie is imperfect using the tale of the dogs, but ironically saying that DESPITE all the weaknesses, she's the only one you'd wanna be with...

    good stuff...

    Dogs are TRULY man's best friend. ANyone here make sure they have a dog at least ONCE in their life...they truly teach you how to love and respect and tolerate--all at once...

  8. thats a good story however doc's comment really got to me..he knows how to hit the nerve, thats for sure..

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