Monday, 8 August 2005

I'm a Gay Icon

Not really.

I was joking.

But I always feel a bit like that when I get new photos done. It all feels so frivolous and showy...ever so slightly ridiculous. Which it is of course but such is the nature of the business.

Marie and I were trying to find a home today to rent, not easy but on a lighter note Jodi has re-linked to me which is grand news indeed. You will notice that she too is re-linked and back where she belongs on links of note.

This child is pointing to all the love we share, let us spread it!


  1. good post... thanks.

    my site: gifted child

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  3. Dan, Sorry, but with that photo your gonna be a gay icon.

  4. Good Lord, you are not have luck with Spam. Maybe you should try out haloscan? I'd provide a link, but that would be spam. ;)

  5. So so cute. Oh yeah, good photo of you, too.

    I'm intrigued that the angle of your head for both shots (this and your profile) is almost identical. Must be an artsy photographer thing.

  6. why don't you just ban anonymous bloggers? Fuck those who have to log on to blogger to comment.

    the child is so so cute...aaaaahh (:-D)

  7. Aw, thanks Daniel. You're too cute.

    I agree. You should disallow anonymous bloggers. Make 'em log in. That might be the reason why I never get spam.

    Being a gay icon wouldn't be so bad. Hell, it's better than not being recognized at all. You'll be up there with Barbara Streisand, Sir Elton, and Cher.

  8. Ahh the "Gifted Child" spam i got that one...I was considering turning off the Nonny Mouse commments but what the hell..Bring on the spam you muppets!

  9. I don't get spam, and you know my policy about anonymous bloggers. I think you could be a gay icon. I'm sure you're Marie's Icon.

  10. Good pic Dan...but I can see the Gay icon thing a little....


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