Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Off to Greece

In a few hours time Marie and I will be off to Greece for a week of sun, sea babies and marvelous food. As always, if you're bored delve deep into this blogs archives (you have 6 months of crap there) or visit any of the links and find a real treat there.

Unfortunately, I'll be back before I know it.

Marie and I put a deposit down on a place today, so hopefully we'll have a home to move to when we return but that'll mean a sad farewell to Camberwell and a hearty hello to Loughton. So from black inner city London to all white Essex...

My dear friend Mark and his lovely partner Jess had a baby boy today who weighed in at 8 pounds 12 ounces and who is named Billy. Marie and I are all a glow with the joy of it!

Farewell blogging pals and see you all in a week's time!


  1. Indeed I was, such is the joy of acting that we get paid to set world records in milk floats.

    I even made Hello! magazine. How cool is that?

  2. Have fun and don't drink too much oozo (sp)?

    Babies are great which I had one.

  3. I read the article but I don't get it. Whats a milk float?

  4. What a beautiful picture! Have a great time. Thanks for thinking of us & our boredom, too...;)

  5. Sun sea and sex.... have a great time Dan and Marie...

  6. since when is dating against Christ?? where did you get this information? yes, as a Christian there is a higher standard of morale on dating, but that's it.

  7. Have fun! You go there constantly, it seems, and I haven't even been once. I am SO envious. See? I'm green with it...

  8. Have fun!! Take lots of pictures and post them here. I'll miss you!

  9. Worried about you briefly when the plane crashed in Greece this week. Hope it didn't put a kink in your plans.


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