Monday, 19 September 2005

Eric Hall is my Neighbour

Marie and I are moved in to our lovely new gaff, the internet is up and running, England won the Ashes and Eric Hall is my neighbour!


Since we last spoke, I also completed a run of Bouncers at the Palace Theatre in Southend-on-Sea which was delightful (apart from one night where we had a drunk heckler who tried to kiss one of my co-actors) as on our last night I made a man fall out of his seat with laughter!

Today I am off again on tour to the lovely northern town of Barnsley, as always, touring will make blogging light but if I find an internet connection in one of the cities I'm acting in I'll be sure to drop by and keep you informed.



  1. Good luck in Barnsley....did you take that picture of your new neighbour?

  2. Good to hear all is going well!
    Thank Eric for getting the Pistols on the Today show..Makes me wonder if Bill Grundy still drops that one out around the dinner table..Classic tele!

  3. Eric Hall is a Legend...hit the link to see who he is.

  4. Be seeing ya in Newark...How the tour going?


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