Tuesday, 6 September 2005

For Marie

I stood at the bus stop waiting for the 343, looking up at the stars, watching the flames outside the London Dungeon lick the night, watching the drunks stumble past and people in suits flirting with each other as the alcohol softened their resolve.

I saw some couples exchange spit and gropes and saw tenderness in held hands and tiny glances. I saw a girl with red hair and she smiled at me and I smiled back and all I could think of was your fucking smile and how a life without you is not a life at all and my eyes start to burn and I look up to the stars again and you're there and I feel you and the tears roll as the sounds from my ipod fill me with widescreen passion and I understand what it means to be in love and what it means to want to be with another human forever.

Side by side. You and me. Forever.

The girl with the red hair looks at me crying, the salt water cruising down my danieldot and she breaks into a confused smile and turns to read the bus timetable.

I keep looking at the sky, feeling like I'm in a movie, the one where the guy gets the girl and lives happily ever after.

Forever yours my love.


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  2. Oh man, spam sucks.

    What a beautiful entry.

  3. Wow... Marie is one very very lucky girl.... (you are too of course)So romantic... Dan, do you have any brothers love?

  4. so moving daniel, makes me want to go hug and kiss my ball and chain right now! your romantic side is awesome..thanks for a good read this morning :)

  5. So very sweet. She's got herself a good guy. Sometimes pompous and self-righteous :-), but your soft side looks quite good on you, too.

  6. Thanks Jodi and you're so right, I am such an ass sometimes.


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