Friday, 30 September 2005

Hate The North

In yet another grim internet cafe in yet another grim Northern town in the UK, this time Goole but to be honest, they are all starting to look the same with their depressive harshness; one size fits all highstreets and oppressive air of poverty.

And as I sat here typing I heard the owner of the internet cafe tell his mate that: "I've got to drive the wife down to Scunthorpe to have a termination, she's a bit upset about it." Fucking hell...

Thanks to Merk, Stav, Rich, Fulla, Bob and Stone Cold Steve Austin for turning out for the performance of Bouncers in Telford, it was lovely to meet them all face to face and enjoy the wonders of the Crown.

Or a cheerful note, disgusting images have come out of atrocities committed by US troops in Iraq as they pose with remains of Iraqi people. There is set to be even more images hitting our screens soon as the deluge of war crimes builds against the occupying army in Iraq.

So just be grateful you don't live there...or Goole.


  1. Geez - seems you have been hit by the comment spammers!
    Goole - sounds bloody awful! I hope that you survive - just don't eat the pies!!!

  2. Hey Dan....hang in there.. cannot wait to see you in November... dissertation done and dusted and handed in.... met up with the crowd in the Swiss Cottage pub and it was cool to see everyone again... (well almost everyone!) you were missed hon.... take care and really hope its going well....need to talk to you about Fade to Black which we hope to film when you are finished your tour...I will be in touch as I am producing it.... take care and say hi to Marie....

  3. Did Fade to Black have the working title 'Record and Erase' by any chance?

  4. Sally: Fade to Black will be cool.

    Merk: no but you made me laugh anyway.

  5. it wasn't supposed to be funny. I was sent a script for a film recently and it had the working title Record & Erase, I thought it might be the same thing.


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