Sunday, 4 September 2005

He Let Them Drown

It's been a while since I got political and having just finished my 10,000 word dissertation I feel a sense of freedom to spout some thoughts on the atrocity that is New Orleans.

Jesus wept, it's like a scene from some horror movie, rotting bodies strewn about, people caged like animals at gun point, no supplies of food, water or basic hygiene equipment and suddenly the most powerful and richest nation in the world looks like some shitty backwater that can't handle a natural disaster in spite of all the resources it has at its disposal.

This man has a right to look worried as he surveys the damage done to a once fine city because the buck stops with him (I've been to New Orleans but to be honest I thought it was a bit of a shit hole but I dipped my hand into the Mississippi and bottled some of the water. I also went to a toilet in a bar and found myself pissing on a trough of ice cubes and lemon...) and it has took until today for the clear out to be completed and work wasn't really started until 5 days after the disaster.

What the fucking hell were they doing, apart from playing their guitars and watching musicals? Nothing, because the rich folk of New Orleans got the hell out whilst the black people were left to fight it out tooth and nail. Let Kanye West said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

Before I go to bed, I spotted this in the Guardian and I have to post it because it makes me both laugh and cry:

And in belated recognition of the depth of the crisis, Washington swallowed its pride and asked for blankets, food and water trucks from the EU and Nato, and beds and medical supplies from Canada.



  1. The new projected number is over 10,000 in New Orleans alone.

  2. Daniel,
    The States, as we are known across the pond, is comprised of independent, though allied States empowered to do their own thing as they will within the guidelines of the legislature of the common Congress, Executive Branch, and Supreme Court. This empowerment allows the states to do what they need in order to meet needs like Katrina and get help as needed from the other States in the Republic - regardless of political party affiliation.

    George Bush relies on his cabinet to do their jobs so he can do his. So too mus t the governors and mayors of the states do their part on behalf of those who elected them to office.

    If you visit my blog, you'll see a strikingly distant viewpoint than yours. (I like your blog and love the theater and was bit by the acting bug myself early on. ) The truth of the situation in N'awlins and lower Miss. will become known over time. However, the obsenity of the situation in my mind is not that George W. Bush sat on his ass and did nothing (not true, but perception can easily become reality to the masses) , but rather that those charged with the real buck-stopping responsibilities of protecting and serving their constituents abdicated those responsibilities and had no grand plan for what a child could discern was a disaster waiting to happen in New Orleans with a city built below sea level and the certainty that a major storm surge would be a tragedy when it eventually came. Well... here we see what piss-poor planning and organizational confusion does to those that expected more from their leadership. See my blog for the photo of the buses that could have been used by the mayor and governor to transport the living out of harms's way ...if they only had a plan. (sung to the tune of the wizard of Oz's "If I only had a brain").

    Those of us across the pond question why the Brits didn't deal with the extremist Islamic preachers of hate and violence years ago when we posted news reports of that impending conundrum of terrorist activities. We can all live smuggly in hindsight, but lessons learned here need to be learned or we are doomed to repeat history again and again.

    To accept the charity of France is simply merde in my book.
    How low has the mighty fallen???
    Blog on, Daniel. The world needs free thought expressed and whether you and I agree or not, you make me think with your musings.

  3. I love what the journalist wrote about Dubyah's "rare admission of error".

  4. I hope you didn't drink that water you bottled.

  5. Great post sentiments exactly... (I liked New Orleans even though it seemed a little dodgy in places)

  6. A good post and in a disaster of this magnitude emotions do run strong no matter who is to be believed. I learned when my son went to Iraq not to believe everything the media writes or says.
    As for the poor people left behind while the rich got out? My cousin and her family aren't rich but they drove over here to Texas to stay with relatives the Friday before Katrina hit, then went home to find their house destroyed. Neighbors stayed out of complacency...people just don't believe THE ONE is coming although they've heard it for years.
    As for "he let them drown". I guess there's always finger pointing in any situation. I am NOT a fan of Bush but I do know my son has been down in New Orleans working around the clock since Monday night with little patches of sleep. He didn't survive Iraq to be shot at by his fellow Americans but he loves New Orleans and is working like crazy to do what he can just like so many military and civilian workers are. In hindsight we will see where the government "woulda, coulda, shoulda" but let's not criticize the ones who are working to save who they can.

  7. Misfittoy (what does that mean? That you're a good looking sex toy in a phallocentric universe?): sorry i don't buy it, excues made for the uber-moneky are not my cup of tea.

    Monica: poor people are those who don't have a car which is quite a bit of the urban black population in New Orleans. It's not finger pointing it's pulling that maniac up by his bootstraps and giving him a well deserved slap. And I never criticised the ones doin the hard graft out there, juts the string pullers.


  8. There are a lot of decisions that need to be revisited. He let some of them drown, that's for sure. The race problem is a large issue. Whether tax dollars should be spent to rebuild New Orleans (can we please stop calling it NO) is also a major issue. I don't want my money going in that direction.

  9. Race problem indeed, I reckon he confused all those black people for Muslims.

  10. This "richest country in the world" IS some shitty backwater, Daniel.

    They're only "richest" on paper--remember that liquid assets are not an automatic indicator of wealth.

    The wealth of nations, as Adam Smith pointed out in his SECOND book (now largely lost to history and never taught to economics students) is in its ability to convert its liquid riches into a socially responsible NATION, which resembles a gigantic family more than an assembly of citizens who are trained to vote correctly.

    America is bankrupt as a rule, to avoid, as a last-chance measure, being held monetarily accountable for its international crimes. This is why it was so easy to spew factories along the offshore protectorates, and why Enron fiascos are so easy to perpetrate, hide, and dump on "the people", who, due to their lack of a solid socially-responsible community fabric, are defenseless against this piracy.

    America the richest? Ha. Those poor sons of bitches don't have a clue as to what is really happening right now...

  11. I was surfing around and found another George Bush site.George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People This place has a ton of funny videos and mp3s.


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