Saturday, 3 September 2005

I Sweat A Lot, Wouldn't You?

As you can no doubt guess by my web silence, the Bouncers tour is now well and truly under way. We opened in Sheffield on the 31st August before doing back to back shows in Bracknell and just about to wrap up two nights in Guildford.

Christ I sweat a lot when I'm acting, in fact I sweat so much that the suit I have to wear is starting to smell of urine. The two shows back to back at 7pm and 9pm was a killer and I've never been so moist in all my life. Honestly, you imagine the most sweat you've ever seen on a man and double it.

The best bit so far has been the audiences, Bouncers is a very popular show and we virtually sell out every night which makes busting your balls that much easier when it's to a full house of laughing punters.

The Bracknell gig brought us our first smattering of groupies but they turned out to be two old hags with wine stained teeth and a desperation to get laid that wasn't so much attractive as deeply distressing.

Pretty happy with the way things are going but the show is the least of my worries as I try and write 10,000 words to get my Masters Degree, organise a house move for the 12th September and find a new tenant for my room in Camberwell before I am contract raped by my landlord.

Christ, I'm stressed and with Marie not being here I feel very overwhelmed with no one to turn to, I can't wait till she gets back and we can support one another through this exciting and bewildering time.

Have I mentioned how much I sweat when I act? I'll not be surprised if my costume rots away by the end of the tour.



  1. Sounds like you're having a ball, though! You should be so proud of yourself. I know how you feel about Marie, you two are vitually joined at the hip. I'm the same way, so I can identify.

    Try to get a movie short up on your blog! We'd love to see it!

  2. First Ariel Sharon and now John Paul. You must have a collection of sweaty world leader pics.

    Glad to hear the tour is going well.

  3. so glamorous in the spotlight... break a leg!

  4. I'm glad you're having a good time. We're looking into moving to England, though Europe is expensive. Canada and Colombia are better options financially. God, this whole thing is breaking my heart, and now the evil one gets to choose another Supreme Court Justice.

  5. Hey Dan... have you heard of a dry cleaners? Glad the tour is going well... sure you will get some really rough chav groupies in MK when you come, so be warned honey.

    Keep your chin up, the move will be fine, you have already written 6,000 words (bitch)and Marie is with you in spirit... you'll be fine my man... break a leg!

  6. PC: come to the UK!

    Sal: the director won;t let me clean it in case it changes colour and they all have to be done. Essy is done, YAY!

  7. Well done Dan for completing your dissertation whilst touring... I'm impressed...

  8. Stayed up late to finish, just about 10,000 words with a fuck load of padding but there you.


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