Monday, 26 September 2005

I'm A Bride On Fire

Back again before I'm off again.

Last week bought the non-delights of Barnsley, a beautiful theatre in Whitby where we had the best night of the tour so far as the audience loved us up, then onto Doncaster where the author of the show came to see it which was a stressful honour, for those that don't know it's the equivilent of Shakespeare coming by to see how you're doing. Unfortunately, when he came into the dressing room my trousers were round my ankles and my shirt was off as I sweated a lot in front of the most performed 20th century playwright in the world.

He's a rather gruff but affalbe man and he must have liked what he saw as he's coming again in Goole! We then played Leeds and another cracking venue where we graced the same stage as Danny La Rue, Jimmy Tarbuck and Craig David. I was visably moved...

Perhaps the biggest surprise was when we went to the arse end of nowhere in Builth Wells and rocked the house with a marvellous performance, after that Cambridge was a bit of a come down.

I think the biggest surprise of the tour for me and one that I'd love to feed into my time at Central if I could do it all again is the this world of theatres that exisits out there that for me is the lifeblood of the more pompous and self-indulgent work in London and the regional reps. It's theatres that play to working class audiences, that sell out every night putting on good work that reflects genuine working class narratives and in all the hurry to dismiss British theatre, these venues are carrying the flame for the qulaity theatre fo the future.

For all you London theatre types, get the train out to the North and go and see some proper theatre!

I've been listening a lot to the music of Antony and Johnsons, I can't recommend the album 'I Am A Bird Now' enough. Some of the the most beautiful lyrics coupled with heart breaking melodies with 'Hope There's Someone' being one of the greatest pieces of art I've experienced. Go buy it.


  1. It's good to read someone's blog whose on tour. Sounds like you're doing well - good stuff.

    Can't agree with you about anthony + the js mind.

  2. Check out the poor spelling of 'who's' in my previous comment. damn me.

  3. Keep a bit for the Newark performance mate!

  4. Nice to have you by Kay, I'll be checking back often.

    Barnze, I'll put in the best show I can for you dude.

  5. Phew - a wirlwind! Sounds like it is going really well and you have a great soundtrack!

  6. Barnaby: Whirlwind indeed! We're thinking of releasing the soundtrack on CD and selling it to punters. Top 80s action!


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