Sunday, 11 September 2005

Moving Out

Tomorrow I load all my stuff in a van and head out of Camberwell and into the racist confines of Essex but the joy of it is, it marks the beginning of a new phase in Marie and I's love affair. That's right, we're living together! About bloody time really...

Whilst AOL sort out the transfer of my broadband I'll be out of action but have no fear, I will return with fresh political insights, excellent pictures of people with mental health issues and reports on the success of the tour of Bouncers.

Can I also take the opportunity to apologise to the people of Boston who turned out to be our best audience so far. Your mother may also be your wife and wear a dress made out of leaves but you appreciate good theatre!

See you on the other side where we'll party like it's 1995!


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  2. I got inspired and had to do some book shopping on account of you. I keep reading about what a great play Bouncers is and have been dying to read it now so I went digging and found some of his plays in books that I can buy. I bought two books and they have the plays - Teachers, Happy Jack, September in the Rain, Salt on the Earth, Bouncers, Happy Families, and last but not least...Shakers. have you read or seen any of these others? Gt any opinions on any of them? I'm a little worried because sometimes British humor clearly gets lost on me and I'm hoping that this is not the case, but I'll just have to eagerly wait and find out. Have a hoot and good luck living with the girl. I'm going on two years with mine and it has it's ups and downs that's for sure. Until later...

  3. Godber is a very English writer but I think you'll have no problem tapping into his style, let me know which one is your favourite and when you read Bouncers, the character I'm playing is Judd.

  4. Good luck in the new housing arrangement. You know you're really committed when "his books" become intermingled with "her books."

  5. Good luck with the move mate...Hope all goes well!

    Stick Word verification in ya comments cuts the spam!

  6. How I long to go back to Essex. The land of easy girls and Ford Capri's. Gods own County. (appart from Basildon, & I hear they are renaming that soon).

  7. you use AOL? forshame!!! 'tis the beelzebub of all internet providers!

  8. Man don't do that to me! I get on blogger for the first time in eons and find out that you were in Boston and didn't give me the heads up! I would have taken you to the cool pubs and bought you a pint or two.

    Then of course I scroll and see that you were in the other Boston. You shouldn't tease like that.

  9. I think that's the best picture of ou that you've ever posted....captures the inner Daniel quite well...


  10. Hey Daniel.... have a good is hell but think of being with your gal every day.... what a great thought to take away with you.... hope the tour is going really well and look forward to seeing you in it.... take care and love to Marie....

  11. Found yer blog because you linked to mine. (Thanks)


    Having been priced out of the East End, we sought refuge here six years ago. Once you get over the BNP leafletting you every 10 minutes and the kids getting drunk and being featured on "The London Programme" special about teenage binge drinking, you'll find it's nowhere as bad as Dagenham.

    Peace and good vibes!

  12. Couldn't agree more Darren and there is a hell of a lot of Sainbury's round here.

    Well posh.


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