Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Thatcher's Home Town

In about 9 hours I'll be on stage in Grantham, which for those of you that don't know is the town that gave us Margaret Thatcher, everyone's favourite pantomime political villain...apart from Nixon and Hitler that is.

I was a child of the 80s (well I was born in 1976 but that hag oversaw much of my early life) and Thatcher was a larger than life figure in those days; an Orwellian matriarch locked into some sexless, flirty relationship with the founding father of neo-conservatism Ronald Reagan.

On Wednesday I also get to meet Merk and Old Man Rich at a theatre in Telford which will be cool and off for a pint in the Crown Pub. The week ends in Goole of all places and the chance to meet John Godber again, the author of Bouncers and hopefully have a more in depth chat about the show.

And before you know it I'll be back in sunny Loughton and on that note may I draw your attention to a new link, the blog of fellow Loughton resident Darren Lock which is a very good read indeed.


  1. how do you feel about the solipsist compared to any other rollins works. i've only read that one and hadn't thought about it for a long time until seeing it in your profile. i enjoyed the book. it sort of was the start of a transition in the kinds of books i was reading - to more introspective/individual human looks from your regular creative fictional worlds. ie salinger or even thich nhat hanh and now james frey. anyway, the way life's been going since then, the thought of reading rollins again should raise some black flags, heh

  2. Hey, I get another link. I am truly honoured as no-one ever links to me. I feel kinda humble.

    As a mark of eternal gratitude, have 28 minutes of music I've recorded. It's not Rollins, but it's free and that kinda makes it OK, no? (RRP $9.99 - though it is cheaper on iTunes)

    Just click my name above the entry and the sound of Lock will fill your head and heart. :-)


  3. Whichisit: I love all of Rollins' written work, Solopsist included; indeed it's a book that really shaped me. Read more of his stuff, 1001 ways to die is classic as is Body Bag. Get your hands on what you can!

    Darren: it's a pleasure, spreading the IG10 love and thanks for the stuff, can't download it until Sunday when I'm back on my PC but thanks a bunch dude!

  4. Thathcer was dictorial, and a lunatic with her war in the falklands,and her stubborn attidude towards striking miners.
    maybe a good president in wartimes , but not like this.

  5. Thatcher was indeed an ass, juss be grateful she was never your leader.


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