Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Chesterfield Equals Benidorm

One thing struck me as we spent a few days at the lovely Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield playing to full houses and that was how amazingly packed the city centre got every night of the week with young, scantily clad revellers. It was bizarre how a small town in the East Midlands managed to generate enough people to sustain a lively beer and sex scene.

Honest to God it was like Benidorm. So if you're short of a few bob but need a holiday, Chesterfield may not have any sun but it does have a crooked spire and a wealth of boys and girls stumbling around blind drunk and desperate to cop off with anything going.

This week Bouncers arrives in Burnley, Newark (where Barnze and some other pals will be in attendance so looking forward to this one), two back to back in Rotherham because its sold out, Esher and Derby (again and also back to back sold out madness); before two nights in Hereford.

And then I get some time off.

See you in a week and a bit!


  1. Time off... you actors...(no, really glad its going well Dan, its a hefty schedule man.... cant wait to see it)

  2. I'll take the one on the right, you guys can have what's left. ;-)

  3. Wow, I wish there was a place like this in West Virginia!

  4. Hmmm ... ladies. I love 'em. Chesterfield, you say? Crooked spire, eh?

  5. Good to meet you last night Dan..A top performance had us all laughing our socks off (i came out with one missing) shame we could not meet up with you after as we rushed off for something to eat!

  6. I get so caught up staring at the actors in the theater that I forget you guys up on stage are staring right back at us. I love reading your take on each of the towns you perform in.

  7. As a 48 year old and clubbing at the time the play was set,It was like seeing myself up there staring back at me.

  8. It's a real honour Barnze to know you liked the play, hope you write a damn fine review!

    Sumeeta: trust me, you don't want a Chesterfield.

    Sal: I too am looking forward to seeing you, not long now!

  9. A great performance mate..Hope the review meets with your expectations!


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