Friday, 28 October 2005

Harriet Miers

Poor old Bush. He has been humiliated yet again.


He thought that he had enough shove amongst his own party to force through close friend, sycophant, personal lawyer and White House counsel (read: crony), Harriet Miers into the Supreme Court.

But because she has no track record of voting in an extremely right-wing manner (ie: abortions/gays/poor people = bad), indeed she believes that emotive moral issues are best dealt with through 'self-determination', she was forced to withdraw in the face of overwhelming resistance from within Bush's own party. Especially that moral majority that want to see an anti-abortion coalition formed in the Supreme Court.

This was in spite of, or maybe because of, an endless raft of personal endorsements from Bush. Oh the embarrassment! It seems the party is turning against its puppet leader and in good time because things could get a lot worse.

Today, a special prosecutor is expected to conclude a 22-month investigation into a White House intelligence leak. Mr Bush's political strategist, Karl Rove, and the vice-president's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, have been implicated in the leak and risk indictment.


This is all too good to be true.

Have a nice day.


  1. totall agree with the glee Daniel although not 100% convined that they won't worm their way out of this. the extent of the lies that they've surfed to date is incredible

    i fear that cheney will also escape despite libby's indictment Bush was way too cheerful in his speech today. Just heard that he's resigned - libby that is. also, why hasn't Rove been summoned to the headmaster's office yet?

    looks like we're posting from parallel worlds. i'm also a london based actor - way too much time on our hands.

  2. It was awesome. I really got a chuckle yesterday. But, as I always say, a Supreme IS limited in how he/she can vote. They have to vote according to either precedent or the constitution. So, IMHO, she couldn't have done too much damage. All the lawyers I've spoken w/ about this agree w/ me (though I'm sure that there might be some who wouldn't).

    I just thought it was ridiculous that he was such an idiot to put her up for nomination to begin with. No experience! And all because she was a born-again Christian? Gimme a break!!!

    And, as a pundit pointed out, he promised everyone that once they interviewed her, they would be impressed by her intellect. No one was. Which makes you realize just how moronic Bush is, if he was.

  3. Good to have you by sisyphus, I'll make sure I'll stop over at yours asap.

  4. I'm sure rove will worm his way out of it, although I did have to Laugh my ass off at Libby.

    And, of course, being American I apologize for Bush. But I didn't vote for him, the middle of the country did (it's like a different, more terrifying world in there)


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