Thursday, 27 October 2005

How We Living?

Marie and I were supposed to be off to see Kano tonight but the gig ended up being cancelled due to police thinking it would end up in a gunfight/riot/lots of uppity niggers going and shooting each other.

Real shame, Kano is one of the leading exponents of UK hip-hop and I was looking forward to seeing him in the flesh laying down 16 bars here, there and everywhere.

Following on from yesterdays post I was doing some Vietnam War research and staggered upon some interesting numbers. The US army numbered some 8 million troops during the conflict (compared to just under 3 million now) with a total casualty figure of 211,471 in 90 months of war. Thats 526 KIA each month. To provide some further contrast we've just reached 2,000 casualties in Gulf War 2.0. I just hope we don't reach Vietnam levels of loss of life...

How we living people?


  1. ahem... I believe the correct term is niggaz...

  2. Problem is, some ain't and those that are, generally, kinda aren't either.

  3. I wish understood what your comment referred to but I've no idea.


  4. I was giving my take on "how we living people?" Even if it was rhetorical.

  5. how we living? I have seen the enemy, and it is us? Cheers, Pogo, for that incisiveness!

    Daniel, I pointed out your goats things to my colleagues, and they thought I was the one who had gone bananas...

    would love to get my hands on that book...


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