Wednesday, 26 October 2005

One Shot. That's What it's all About. One Shot

Christ, I've been gone for a long time but back in the LDN and ready to fill you in on what's been going down before I make Marie some tea. By the way, how much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $22,581.60.
How much is your blog worth?

As always most of the shows were sold out or bloody busy, Wednesday was nice because playing Newark meant some Nottingham mates could come and see me in action and that included the lovely Barnze and his missus as well as the legend that is Kirky. It was also rumored that Doogie Talons was there of the fantastic Lunch Break but I can't deny or confirm that...

And then it all went very dark indeed as we did 5 shows in the space of 3 days with very little rest between; which pushed voice and body to the limit. We did 2 back to back shows in Rotherham, got to bed at 12.30am before getting up at 4am to go to fucking Thames Ditton for an 11am start before driving back to Sheffield, which due to the bastard nature of the M25 and M1 on a Friday at rush hour meant that we didn't get home until 7.45pm...

Before I passed out from exhaustion I treated myself to a viewing of Mean Streets which is one of my favourite films of all time with the lead performances (esp. De Niro) blowing me away and inspired me as a young actor to go out there and do it.

After a brief sleep we then did 2 back to back shows in Derby before I got to bed on Saturday night. I then spent a lot of Sunday night in tears as I made the mistake of watching The Deer Hunter in a fatigued and restless condition. What a brilliant film, a film I've seen so many times but watched it only to be reminded of the sheer force of the film and the horror of the effect of warfare on the soldiers that fight it.

It also reminded me of the great injustice of the Vietnam War: the dis-respectful treatment of the veterans that returned; the attempt to sweep that 'unfashionable' conflict under the carpet; to place the generational hatred for the war on the shoulders of the men that fought it rather than the politicians that caused it with the flawed idea that: "Not one domino shall fall".

Remember this: when the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial was opened in Washington DC in 1982 no one came. The bleachers stood empty as the veterans marched, no one came to remember the dead from an 'embarrassing' war. A disgrace. A humiliation to proud men that I hope does not welcome the dead and veterans from Gulf War II.



  1. Please, stand corrected. The wall that was erected in honor of the Vietnam veterans in Washington was opened with many in attendance. I was one of them. I lost many school chums in Vietnam. A smaller replica of the wall travels the US to throngs of crowds and the memorial in DC is one of the most visited sites. It is very moving and respectful of those who fought and lost their lives. Indeed the war was and still is a painful memory. It was and still is disgraceful the way some Americans treated our soldiers during that war. For your information, that behavior was organized and perpetrated by the left.

  2. It was well attended by military figures and vets but not by the general public.

    As for blaming the 'left', I don't buy it. I blame the men who sent them to war to halt communism and left them with a war they could never win.


  3. I am sorry you don't believe the truth. It was well attended by the public too. Regarding the left, I was here and lived it. That fact is not disputed even by the left. Kennedy got us in. Johnson carried on and escalated. Nixon was president when we got out. Regarding the blame, there is enough to go around.

  4. My blog is worth 5d in old money. Never mind the quality, feel the width...

  5. Hmmm... I don't know if anyone was there or not. My husband was in the service during the vietnam war. He didn't see action (thank God) but knows many who did. We went to see the wall a few years ago and found the name of a freind of his who lost his life serving... it was very moving. Thanks for putting this out there. Glad you're back!

    Oh...and thanks for stopping over at my blogs. Yes, there are two. :)

  6. I was not there, but I sat with one of my undergraduate classes watching every moment on closed circuit TV. There was a very large crowd with many of those in attendance in tears. I don't know where you got your information but your source was bad. Actually is was the left who sent those boys in (Kennedy and Johnson) and it was the radical left who made them miserable coming home. As far as the overall prosecution of the war, as was stated by "looking for the balance" there was enought blame to go around for everyone.

  7. Unrelated to my first post, I note that you have been acting professionally since 1997 which is when I officially retired. I am intrigued by your schedule (and exhausted just thinking about it)but read through the posts (sans archives)and couldn't find the name of your show. I don't pretend to stay current anymore but I am always intrigued with what's happening, especially on tour.

  8. 1] My blog is worth about $4k.
    2]The gentleman in the final picture looks like the kid from American Beauty.

  9. We'll agree to disagree then on this matter.

    I don't like blame being aportioned until I know someone is straight in their political beliefs, rather than a neo-con wingnut.

    For me Vietnam started in 1957.

  10. It is tempting to put a label on those with whom you disagree. The truth is hard to hide if you are looking for it.


  11. your exactly right sir..vietnam did start in '57. And it took four years to lose the amount of service men and women we have lost in two years in Iraq.The Iraqi's have lost over 100,000. This madness must end.You can not lie about the reasons for invading someone's country and then "out" a cia operative when you don't like what her husband says about the administration's bullshit.

  12. L4B: Peace to you.

    Dusty: Thanks for dropping by with such an excellent comment. Take care.


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