Monday, 10 October 2005

Sick in a Bin

As I'm only back in London for one night I decided to take Marie for a meal to make the one night we had together before I went away again, special. That was last night and I took her to Reflections off Oxford Street and it was lovely, not amazing but still a nice place to enjoy some food and each others company.

However, the evening took a turn for the worse when Marie proceeded to throw up the meal into a bin outside Tottenham Court Road tube station (the bin in question is circled below in green):

No, she wasn't poisoned and no she wasn't having a panic attack but yes, Marie seemed to have managed to over eat to such a degree that her body rejected the food and hurled it back out of her body and into the cool night air of one of London's main thoroughfares. Naturally, I was on hand with the tissues but she smelt of sick all the way home.

Oh the romance!

As for last weeks touring shenanigans, I've found a place to compete with shitty Goole that's even shitter: Gainsborough; which is a pissing hellhole full of young mothers and ugly people in caps and trainers. Last week was also marked out by the volume of arguing we did between the five of us in the company.

This week brings the joy of a three night run in Cambridge, which should be good (and we get to stay in a Travelodge) and a three night run in Chesterfield, where Marie's parents will be seeing the show. Hurrah!

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Lucky she wasn't poisoned. My husband was poisoned on our wedding night. Long story short: when there's a big event, stay away from the crab.

  2. Wedding nights and the crabs are not a good combination. :-)

    My Missus fainted outside a restaurant in Covent Garden last Xmas. However, I was still inside the restaurant at the time and she'd ventured outside to get some fresh air and promptly passed out.

    And there I was standing by the bar, drinking and chatting, wondering where she was, looking the complete tosspot. :D

    Never taking her out again for a fancy meal.

  3. Make em stay home & cook. Your tea should be on the table when you get back from the pub.

  4. Bummer. Hope she felt better after that.

  5. Genuine story - I went out with a girl to the seaside who had to piss in a bucket she found. I dumped her there and then.

  6. Marie does look rough...that is her in the picture right?

  7. No, on a more serious note... I never eat shell fish now...too many bad experiences..... Hope Marie is ok now.


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