Sunday, 2 October 2005

William Shatner School of Acting

If only I'd been there. I mean seriously, how cool would it be to have trained there? I think I'm gonna' write to the man and get him to start an acting school up, where he can pass all his talk-singing techniques on to the next generation.

Back in the real world I am home once again for two nights before off to Stafford and Christ, Goole was depressing. The shows were pretty crummy too. The first night there was spoilt by some youth workers bringing in 15 eleven year olds who did well to control their utter boredom as the play escaped the feeble grasp of their young minds. The second night was vandalised by some pissed up degenerates who were out on a fancy dress booze up and who sat on the front row heckling and twatting about through the entire thing. We couldn't get out of Goole quick enough...

Next week also brings Derby (where bizarrely we've sold out all three shows there), Gainsborough and Wisbech before a three night run in Cambridge.

If anyone out there wants to help me sell some pottery please make a bid on this item I have for sale on ebay. BUMP ME UP BITCHES!


  1. I....can'tbelieve...that YOU...want to




  2. The Shat is a god amongst men. I'll never forget the impact that hearing "The Transformed Man" had upon my life. People mock, but who else can lay claim to starring in a film that was scripted entirely in Esperanto? The Shat, that's who!

    As for the pigs, a complete set are worth about £100. I saw them on "Cash in the Attic" whilst channel-hopping one night.

  3. Remembering "The Transformed Man", I've just found another great record I want to share with you. It's called "Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs" and it had the same effect. Download the album from:

  4. the...greatest...a modern interpreter of the...English language.

    Transformed Man is awesome as is his album Has Been.

    Thanks for the Cosby shit, I found it distressing and exploitative.

  5. I met him on Sunday in Milton Keynes where the man was signing autographs at the Collectamania film fayre....what a man! Did you hear Lucy in the sky with diamonds...absolute gem.

  6. William Shatner. He came from the same acting school that MY old drama teacher came from... At least, I'd be willing to bet on it.

  7. I DID have a better drama teacher than that one, BTW. I don't suck at acting like that...

  8. Saur: can I kiss you?

    Anyone connected to Shatner needs kissing.

  9. Daniel, I'll have you know that BP and I spent a great deal of our collegiate years together walking around the campus at 2am after too much coffee and studying, or writing comedy, or just avoiding work most likely, and doing star trek jokes ad nauseum until we wore out all the lawns on the campus, yet laughed ourselves into near hysteria every night. And all in the bizarre love/hate of Shatner and his own impossible genre of acting/gran mal epilepsy seizure - performance technique. As to the pottery, it's almost as painful to look at as the abu ghirab photos. Will have to take a pass on that one.


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