Wednesday, 9 November 2005


Imagine, if you will, going to see a man, let's say he's called Andrew Grisewood, starring at your local theatre in a show called: Bedazzled. This show you're about to see features him arranging flowers for 2 hours. Please re-read that bit again. Arranging flowers for 2 hours.

When I walked into today's venue in Pocklington (where, rather marvelously, they not only have free internet access but also provide food, cold beers and cans of coke for the artistes) a poster for the aforementioned show greeted me and it looked a bit like this...

This is Andrew Grisewood in all his glory, please note the shiny nature of his lips and the French manicure on his nails. I have a feeling he may be camp and quite possibly gay but who knows and frankly who cares, because this man (who believes that "flowers are nature's jewels") is the Liberace of floral art! Bloody brilliant!

His show Bedazzled is, allegedly, an evening of spectacular floral art with the emphasis on glamour, gossip and floral genius. Speaking about his show, Andrew said: "I have traveled the country gathering unusual artifacts and Swarkovski crystals that will form the basis of breath-taking floral displays which my audience will see for the first time ever"

Andrew Grisewood's flamboyant performance is guaranteed to entertain lovers of floral art as well as the uninitiated, as he discloses the secrets of the various bejewelled arrangements he has created for society weddings and charity dinners, with his inimitable style and high camp humour that provides audiences with a glimpse into the glamorous world of Andrew Grisewood and his showbiz friends.

I can barely contain my joy, bemusement and slight unease at this fantastic show and I only wish I could get to see it.

Before I explore Pocklington, which looks to be one of the prettiest places we've been to, a brief mention about last nights show in Ormskirk, where we had two great shows with a fantastic audience response (slightly spoiled during the evening show where a few people failed to grasp the seriousness of Lucky Eric's speeches and laughed through them) that has been bettered in very few places we've played in.


  1. I don't know what it is, but that guy'spic just makes me giggle.

  2. Oh My God! The shirt has to go - and the lipgloss and the buffed nails and the hair - what animal died to bring us that hair???
    He is a stain on the homosexual world!

  3. He's not gay. He's just a bit "theatrical".

  4. LOL. Barnze said "speechless!"

  5. I would love to see it... camp is good....

  6. Sounds like I'm not the only one who's been at the acid.

  7. You HAVE to be joking. An evening of spectacular floral art?

    Whilst in Ormskirk (where I used to board), why not pop over to Southport and visit the British Lawnmower Museum?

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