Monday, 21 November 2005

Bouncers is Over

I am now unemployed.

I can't believe that an adventure that started on the 22nd August is now over, last night was the last show of a tour that began on the 31st August. It's strange reading the early posts on the show, especially the one where I got the job. How flippant was I?

The last week of the tour was magic, with the final show (a ladies night special for all those bitches out there!) ending in a strip being performed by the cast, so you all missed me in my pants doing a rude dance in front a horde of screaming females. You'll be glad to know that no sex wee escaped but we did leave the full monty to a professionally trained stripper and his massive cock.

Anyone need an actor?


  1. Who am I hiring? You? Or the cock?

    Glory days, man. Enjoy the memories.


  2. Aaah - time for relaxation and enjoying London again....Something will come along (although the industry is quiet at the moment - scarily quiet!!)

  3. Don't say that!

    Got an audition Thursday, very important indeed.


  4. So DHG has been prancing around with the fairy boys, getting to like big dicks are you? according to your latest post. Must have been boring yesterday for you to scan my June archives, time mellows some people and I am now a well behaved person, it seems your opinion of me and my opinion of you hasn't changed a lot, but still we live in hope. Vest Daily Gaggle.

  5. My, you are a vile little homophobe aren't you and an uneducated one at that, still believing that 'acting is for girls'?

    Take care silly man.


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