Sunday, 27 November 2005

For Billy

Last night I went to see my very good friend Mark Whiteley (the same Mark Whiteley that co-starred with me in Thick As Thieves) in pantomime at the Nottingham Playhouse, the panto in question was Jack and the Beanstalk and Mark was brilliant as the giant and the *cough* back end of a cow...If you get the chance, please do and see it as it is possibly the best panto in the UK.

I also saw lots of old friends that I hadn't seen for some time, friends from a very different time in my life, some of whom I miss terribly, some I'm glad we went our separate ways. In such moments, horrendous personal truths can leak out, mixed with alcohol and vague memories of companionship; we hope the truths are left in the fug of the drink and heady atmosphere of party but mostly they linger at the back of the mind. Saved like bullets, or trinkets, or both.

Today, I met Mark's new baby son, the beautiful Billy who has the bluest eyes and the cheekiest cheeks. His mother, Jess, is perhaps one of the most genuinely lovely people you could possibly hope to meet, she is so kind, so open. Billy obviously liked Marie a lot, as he sicked up on her, which can only be a good thing. It made me want babies even more. I do get nervous around them though, these little people make me feel even bigger, even more clumsy, I don't want my big hands to expose their fragility.

I should hear about the results of the audition this week, even if the news is bad I will of course be honest and write about here, so for now please keep me in your thoughts.


  1. Families are good. Callbacks are good. I hope you get the best of both.

  2. Don't get the baby thing but fingers crossed here - sounds exciting!

  3. Remember: Babies are designed to be raised by idiots.

    And I should know.

    Also: if you wait for the "right time" to have a baby, you never will.

    Is 'break a leg' an appropriate wish for an audition? If so, break a leg.

    If not, [insert appropriate wish here]!



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