Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Forever in Our Hearts

Did some teaching today, working with little people on why you shouldn't be mean to each other, using drama and acting to develop empathy with victims of bullying, trying to start getting little people to stop being bystanders and making there voices heard.

It was hard work but fun and I love little people, sometimes they take my breath away with their words and their ways. There was a boy who suffered from real anger problems but was calmed by touch, so whenever he was about to lose his temper his classmates reached out and stroked him. How beautiful is that?

On a less beautiful note it seems that President Bush ordered al-Jazeera to be destroyed and it's staff killed. Thankfully Blair dissuaded him, reports on the story can be found here, here, here, here and here. All dissenting voices will be destroyed.

Occasionally the internet has the ability to profoundly shock me and you'll be shocked if you put forever in our hearts into Google. It brings up a disturbing horde of very personal memorial sites that are rather like gawping at a car crash, deeply unpleasant but hard to tear yourself away from as the grief and injuries leak from your screen.

Please be warned, the following links may upset some people so please don't click unless you're ready to have your heart bust on the rocks.

There are sites for babies who came too early, teenagers who took their own lives, murdered children and dead Shetland sheepdogs.


  1. as much as i sympathise with those who have lost a loved one or member of the family (and i've had my fair share of that) i can't understand why the couple who lost their baby daughter have devoted such a shockingly bad website to her memory. this was a tiny little baby - their daughter! and they've created an horrific collage out a photo of the foetus, a halo and a pair of wings! (see the bottom of the site). plus, i guess they were putting a brave face on things (and for all i know the poor mother's life may have been in danger too) but don't they all look a little pleased in the photos?
    i find this far more upsetting than the story of the premature birth.

  2. Where do you come up with this stuff? Wait, I don't really want to know. Reach out and touch someone.

  3. As far as that Bush story...Jesus that's shocking, discomforting, puke-inspiring. I have a girlfriend from South Africa who's spent the last several years in England and so I have a lot of exposure between her and her family/friends to the international community and there is nothing but contempt for America and Americans. I spend too much of my time attempting to justify myself or defend individual Americans as it is, trying to explain that it isn't (insert average Joe American's name here) who's dropping bombs around the world. Anyway...this news saddens and disgust me and I wish I could only fast forward to the next election and hope that Joe Pesci runs for office so that we can make a big joke out of the Presidency again.

  4. Nathan: I don't have much truck with those people that label all Americans in the same way, it couldn't be further from the truth. You shouldn't have to defend yourself and people in glass houses shouldn't be chucking stones...


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