Sunday, 13 November 2005

Warrington Beauty

What a bloody good week that was after the boiling point of Bedford.

To pick up from where I left off in Pocklington (where the show went really well and is perhaps the best place we've been in terms of a venue staffed by lovely, kind people), we played The Met in Bury and aside from the free panini they supplied us with and bottled water, it was another cracking gig; even the drunken people in the front row couldn't spoil it for the attentive and sensitive audience. But all this was knocked into a cocked hat thanks to Warrington...

I have no hesitation in naming this the biggest night of the tour so far, in terms of audience response it was massive: a lengthy standing ovation, endless clapping and laughing until bent double. Perhaps I am slightly bias, as the front row was also full of some very beautiful young ladies out for their friend's birthday. It helped that they loved it and laughed the loudest and thankfully they hung around in the bar after so I got to flirt a bit before bidding them a sad farewell as they disappeared into the Warrington night. Gone but not forgotten!

We ended the week in the architecturally stunning Chester and two back to back shows that again went down so very well. People keep saying that it's the best version of Bouncers they've ever seen, even better than Hull Truck, which is a rich compliment indeed.

So we enter the last week, with thousands of people entertained and happy, we have a few more people to spread the Reform Theatre Company's Bouncers gospel to before we retire.



  1. Sounds like you'll have memories of this tour that will keep you warm in the years to come.

    Please tell me you didn't think I looked like Andrew Grisewood.

    A show about floral arrangement? I don't have much spare time, but I can't imagine ever being soooo bored that I would consider that for an evening's entertainment.


  2. Sounds like you wouldn't have minded arranging her flower. Now who can say that would be boring?

    Go get 'em Hoss.


  3. Sounds fantastic DHG.
    Better than Hull Truck - that is fine praise indeed!

  4. Yep, very touched by that, hopefully more of the same to come in the final week.

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