Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Happy Birthday Marie!

I love you with all my heart, my sweet and perfect angel. I am blessed to have you in my life, I am forever your Daniel.


  1. I certainly hope this picture's at least 20 years old.


  2. I swear, officer, her fake ID said she was thirty.

  3. Daniel, a postscript....

    I had a weird system problem so the address to my blog is different now. If you re-link me it's the only one left in my profile.

  4. I wish that laugh never fades...

    Marie Baby,

    you might be too little to ask what life means, but here is the collective wisdom of man/woman kind for when you grow up a little don't go searching much

    "Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast"

    Douglas Adams

  5. You find so many reasons/ways to dote on Marie. Quite sweet.

  6. It's all above board and legal chaps, thanks for your wishes!

    Col.Dr: so good to have you back and you're linked my good man.

    Mohamed: I'm so glad our paths have crossed.

  7. I hear wedding bells... unless you choose to live in sin, as I do. ;o)

  8. OK .. so a baby brought me out of lurk mode, how beautiful. Have fun!

  9. Thanks for commenting Liquidplastic, good to have you by!


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