Tuesday, 13 December 2005


I graduated today from the Central School of Speech and Drama with a Masters Degree.

Does that mean that when I'm unemployed I get more benefit?

Today gave me a chance to dress up in my Dior suit and look smart, wear my new Vivienne Westwood tie and see people who I shared an adventure with and whom I miss a great deal.

I also got to see those individuals that I'm ambivalent about.

I spent a great deal of time talking to a teacher who inspired me and gave me a framework for my rage and anger at the ineffectual manifestations of the majority of theatre and stopped me from re-inventing the wheel. Focusing my attention and powers on a just cause, on stories that need to be told.

He bestowed on me giddying, fine words of praise; he embraced me and clasped my hands with tears welling in his eyes as we shared, shared personal truths.

He may have been drunk. Who cares. Some people may disregard his words as addled prose from a fleeting mind but he is a man who no longer takes himself at all seriously, who sees through the posturing of all consuming intensity and rigteousness and who understands that you do not dilute the strength of your convictions if you deliver them with a smile.
Sir, I salute you. May our paths cross again.


  1. Hooray! I clicked on your Vivienne Westwood link--what is that? Accessories for after the apocalypse? I never understood fashion.

  2. Master, arise.

    Just remember I'm a Col. AND a Dr.



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