Monday, 5 December 2005

You Could Have it so Much Better!

I'm horse from silent screaming

Trying to get through the screen of my PC with feral vitriol

Helpful feral vitriol

Sounds like a fuel, maybe it is?

Environmentally friendly fuel with a tendency to get mad at you if you

Fuck up

Or maybe it's a health drink for fitness fags

I meant so say fitness freaks

I was distracted by all my anger


Henry Rollins posted me his latest book today, he'd written in the front:

"Daniel, thanks, Henry Rollins"

Thanks for what? For buying your book? Or being





(I think he meant thanks for taking the time to read his book).

My friend John van der Put writes such good stuff on his blog but the bastard doesn't want people commenting on what he writes, so when I read it and something cuts me down with its profundity I feel so impotent and restless, like an old man with a tiny, shriveled penis surrounded by young beauties asking to be lusted up.

Here is a picture of John doing a really good impression of a monkey:

That is all.

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  1. I found this blog surfing the Notfa blog.

    I enjoy blogs that mix art and politics, in a smart way.

    As they say in your field, "break a leg."


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