Friday, 6 January 2006


In the crazy whirl of my blogging about utterly random horseshit for my own self-gratification, I forgot to mention that before Christmas I got a job teaching acting. It comes in two parts, the first is teaching 10-18 year olds who are with a children's talent agent and then a group of professional actors who are with the adult branch of that agent.

I've not started with the grown-ups yet (I'm quite excited to be truthful, I've directed adult pros before but never really taught them), that comes at the end of the month but I've started with the kids already and there is something I love about working with young talent, to be a part of someone's development at an early stage, passing on tools to further their own careers.

As you may have seen from the title, I'm not going to bask in the joys of teaching for the entirety of this post because I'm an angry bastard. Instead I'm going to ask you to pray with me that the helldogs will come and take Ariel Sharon away from this earth and into the spinning pain pit made from Arab children's flesh, where he will be punished for all the terrible things he's done on this earth.

Marie pulled me up short a few days back when I was on an anti-Ariel Sharon rant, she said: "He's someone's dad". It stopped me in my tracks for a few beats, maybe it is that simple I thought but then I remembered that Marie is a Christian and that Ariel Sharon is a war criminal as well as a father.


  1. Perhaps a noose to help him on his way......

  2. Yeah.....Dubyah has offspring, too. It's amazing to me that people like this are allowed to breed, but gays have to fight to be heard when they want to marry and raise kids.

    It's more amazing that these men get laid, that they find some woman to suck their cocks. I mean really, I can't go down on a guy if he's a total buffoon. It would be worse if he was drunk on power. What a turn off!

    Yeah, more than you wanted to know, I'm sure, but hey, your blog is all about the bluntness of brutal honesty, right? ;)

  3. Congrats on the job. I'm looking forward to the stories.

  4. "working with young talent..."

    Yes, we've heard about you theatrical types before.

  5. Bush would pull the same shit if he had the opportunity..hell he IS pulling some of the same shit.

    he will get his when he meets his maker..we all will.

    congrats on the that are happy about something and strive to learn are such fun and very fullfilling..

  6. King Kong!ratulations for the job man, teaching acting to kids. how easy is that?! :P

    when I read news about Israel (Sharon, Natanyaho et al) I kind of act like a Barcode reader, I only react in a short "BLIP"..."BLIP"
    they r all the same, reading anything doesn't increase my knowledge, no feelings left, all sucked dry

  7. Denise: you got it, keep laying it on heavy lady friend!

    Darren: perve.

    Mohamed: I like your phrase 'no feelings left, all sucked dry'

  8. Though Sharon has not been the greatest humanitarian, he has done something for peace in the region, and we have no idea what kind of tyrant will replace him. Remember that many people think he's too liberal. When he dies there's a pretty good chance that the region will errupt into chaos. I'm not necessarily looking forward to that, esecially when so many of our young men and women are already dying in the middle east.

  9. The trouble is Sharon was a nasty bastard and just because their is a minority who view him as liberal he clearly was not. He has done nothing for peace in the region apart from lip-service to peace and acts of gross vandalism to the Arab people.

    I doubt very much that Sharon's death will set the region into chaos and US troops will never set foot there, they'll just send money, Israel has a massive army (and nuclear weapons) of its own.

    The real danger is if a more facist leader steps in to appease the Zionists.


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